Altar Boys

Creator: Joseph W Gough
Age rating: 17 and older
The true story of four altar boys that grew up to form the most successful drug smuggling operation in the world. Their arrests caused the Invasion of Panama, the Noriega Prosecution, the Iran-Contra Scandal, 93 indictments, and worst pot drought in American history.
Synopsis: In 1986, a joint task force between the FBI and DEA made a sweep of a high profile arrests. In casting their largest net ever for federal narcotics indictments, they had no idea they were busting an operation that was working WITH the CIA.

The Altar Boys, as they came to be known, were flying guns to the rebels in Nicaragua. In exchange, they thought they had clear passage to bring their high quality marijuana back into the United States. Joe Kelly never trusted the government deal, but he was pulled back into job after job by circumstances beyond his control. He and his catholic grade school friends were attracted to a life that included private beaches, jets, helicopters, movie stars (Heather Locklear), music legends (Ringo Starr), foreign leaders (Manuel Noriega), and over a BILLION dollars in marijuana. They had an exit plan... they just couldn't get out in time.

The story is based on the life of Joe Kelly (his life rights are fully and legally secured).

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