The Dr Albright Files Part Two

Creator: mark gudsnuk
Age rating: 13 and older
A renegade Army Intelligence Officer (Dr Albright) is transported into an alternate dimension following a time travel experiment gone wrong. He wanders through an enchanted forest looking for clues to his return home and reunion with his lost assistant.
Synopsis: Dr. Richard Albright is a renegade Army Intelligence Officer whom during a time travel experiment is accidentally transported to an alternate dimension. He wanders a forest in search of clues to his return and possibly finding his lost associate whom is now deceased.
While in the forest he encounters strange animals and several characters whom he tries to gain direction and information from. They lead him to a strange island.
His past haunts him. His obsession with remote viewing and inter-dimensional travel has lead to the death of a close associate during one of Dr Albright's radical experiments. Dr. Albright continued his research into astral travel with the help of his departed associate's children; a boy named John and a girl named Heidi. While John is not very adept at remote viewing, his sister Heidi is and Dr. Albright cultivates her talents and skills until she eventually surpasses his own.
As Heidi begins to understand that Dr. Albright may have had a hand in her own father's death, she attempts to flee but is fatally injured in a motorcycle accident. Through her own skill and power she projects herself astrally at the moment of her death. Dr. Albright is aware of her astral presence and pursues her psychically until his own tear into the alternate plane of the universe. He is now stuck and wanders the forest looking for the answer to his escape.

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