Age rating: 13 and older
A pair of construction workers assist a coroner in her investigation into the disappearance of drivers from a series of mysterious single vehicle accidents.
Synopsis: Road Kill: You Are What It Eats

When a lone pickup has a single vehicle crash along a deserted stretch of road overnight it raises the question: What happened to the driver?

Michael and Justin roll into town in Michael's big rig looking for construction work. They meet Vivian, the county coroner, who is investigating the scene. There is a lot of blood, but no sign of the body.

Michael and Justin find work at a big industrial construction site, the missing pickup driver had worked there. Something is watching the construction workers as they leave the site at the end of their shift.

Vivian discovers a strange organism on one of the crashed vehicles. She contacts her old college professor for guidance.

Two more cars crash along the same road, their occupants are all missing. Vivian asks Michael and Justin to watch the other workers for anything suspicious. The work site has been vandalized overnight, the foreman asks Michael to take his truck to pick up new equipment.

Vivian and the Professor discover the cells of the sample she found are still alive and mutating. Michael and Justin have a run in with the Sheriff who is suspicious that the incidents started around the time they rolled into town.

Vivian and the Professor take a closer look at all of the vehicles that were involved in thew mysterious accidents. They find a small blob-like creature, they take the specimen to be studied.

Michael and Justin leave the site last to see if there is anyone or anything suspicious. They hear odd noises but leave. The creature had been watching them.

The Professor is excited about the discovery and asks Vivian to keep it quiet until he can make a formal scientific announcement.

Michael and Justin meet Vivian at her lab to discuss their experience at the work site. They all go to the local diner together. There they are approached by an old man who tells them tales of things he heard growing up about atomic testing and strange occurrences out near what is now the construction site.

The Professor can't believe the results that have come back from his testing and decides to run the tests again.

Michael and Justin go back to their hotel. Justin wants to discuss what the old man said, what could have trashed the construction site, and Michael's feelings for Vivian.

The creature wanders in the night, it sees a buzzard and consumes it. It mutates and sprouts some buzzard-like feathers before roaring and running off.

A massive search party has been formed to look for the missing drivers, although they are presumed dead. The search dogs are panicked and unable to perform their duty. Michael and Justin drive by on their way to work.

Vivian looks into a dark cave, we hear the creature inside breathing, but she marks the cave and walks off safely.

The old man causes a scene in the diner ranting about strange creatures, he storms off. The Professor shows Vivian his findings.

A Fireman sees the cave Vivian marked to be searched. He looks in and blood splashes the cave walls as the creature devours him. It seems to develop a more intelligent look in its eyes.

Michael and Justin are confronted by some angry co-workers for taking notes about their coming and going.

The Firemen assume their missing friend left early to grab a cold one. They see the old man and, after listening to him, tell him to go home that he must be drunk.

Michael and Justin almost wreck into the creature as they are leaving the work site. The old man is searching and finds the buzzard carcass, he hears a car crash and heads toward it.

Michael and Justin meet with Vivian and the Professor and tell them what they saw.

The creature kills a motorcyclist as the old man pulls up. The old man's shotgun has little effect on the creature's rough hide. The creature quickly grabs him up and eats him, it looks up in the direction of an approaching police siren.

Michael, Justin, Vivian and the Professor go back toward the work site hoping to catch a glimpse of the creature. The professor discusses his theories about it.

The Sheriff goes looking for a missing Deputy. Michael's truck goes slowly past the scene of the wrecked motorcycle, the old man's truck and the police car. The creature attacks their truck, smashing a window. Vivian fires at it as the truck speeds away.

A bloodied Deputy wakes up in the creatures cave. He tries to call for help but falls unconscious again. The Sheriff finds the police car at the scene of the motorcycle wreck.

Michael's truck pulls into the work site. They find the foreman there in a trailer screwing with his assistant. The foreman thinks they are pulling a prank until the creature slams into Michael's truck. They shoot at the creature until they are all safe inside the trailer.

Inside they decide dynamite at the site may be what they need. The professor is telling them more theories about the creature when suddenly it reaches in and grabs him. The assistant is so scared she runs out screaming. Her screaming suddenly stops.

Police cruisers arrive at the work site. The Sheriff doesn't believe in the creature until it kills the foreman and a deputy in front of him. He hides in the trailer with the others.

They decide that they can try to use heavy construction equipment against the creature. After eating so many humans it has evolved to stand almost upright, walking like a gorilla.

Vivian runs out of the trailer waving her arms and shouting to get the creatures attention. With the creature distracted Michael, Justin and the Sheriff run to drive construction equipment to force the creature into a recently dug out foundation.

Once it is in the pit they pour concrete on it. It begins to evolve wings and attempt to fly out, but the concrete is making it too heavy. Michael and Justin both grab bundles of dynamite and throw them into the pit. Vivian sets off the dynamite sending gobs of the creature's guts and concrete everywhere.

Everyone is surprised and elated they have defeated the creature. Vivian kisses Michael. The sunrises on a new day.

Inside the creature's lair the deputy wakes again, he starts to hyperventilate as he looks down and sees many smaller versions of the creature eating his legs. He screams.

Inside Vivian's lab her assistant is cleaning up and wondering where she is. He hears something moving on one of the shelves. He sees a small furry thing in a container. Thinking it is a pet of some sort he opens the lids to investigate. The creature inside has grown a gruesome mouth and chomps down on his hand. He screams.


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