Camp Foreclosed

Creator: Ronald Cantu
Age rating: Everyone
Camp Foreclosed - A struggling writer loses his home and moves his family outdoors. But when his modern suburbia family reject the camping life and blame him he must become Camp Drill Sergeant in order to finish his novel and save the family.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: CAMP FORECLOSED is a Family Comedy about a struggling writer who is forced to face his financial woes when his house is foreclosed. He moves his family into a sleazy motel but after one night, discovers his son is addicted to annoying video games, his teenage daughter is exploring the possibility of losing her virginity and his shopaholic wife has gone on another online shopping spree.

Max dreams up the brilliant plan of trading his 1957 T-Bird for a 1992 Ford camper, pawning the last of his valuables and stocking up on the latest camping gear including the top of the line multi-room tent, solar panels and even a private shower. He convinces his dysfunctional family that a camping trip to the Sierra Mountains is exactly what they need. And with a little assistance from the resident motel rat they all jump in the camper and head for some peace and tranquility in the great outdoors.

In reality Max is beginning a journey of difficulties, including an attack by giant rabbits, a run in with some hell raising midget bikers and his own suburbia family’s inability to adapt to a life without luxury. Max changes into tough Dad, confiscates their modern electronic devices and demands they embrace the wilderness. This only serves to alienate the family and after an attack by a bear they decide to leave him. Max and his family are separated but absence makes the heart grow founder and also makes it clear to Max he must complete his novel and reunite his family.

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