The Edge of Glory

Creator: Anthony Coluccio
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Age rating: 17 and older
A recent college graduate decides to pursue the modern day American dream, going to Hollywood and selling his screenplay.
Synopsis: Buddy Hart is your typical college graduate. He likes drinking, drugs, partying, and only has a vague idea of what he really wants to do with this life. Fortunately for him, he's set to begin his career at Deloitte in the fall. But what makes Buddy unique is that he's decided to pursue his dream instead of spending his summer studying for the CPA.

Since he saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Buddy has working on his screenplay, Mistletoe. Ten years have past and he's finally ready to sell it. He knows it's not going to be easy and probably won't work out, but if he's ever going to see Mistletoe on the big screen, it's a chance he's got to take.

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    Creative Notes:
    An interpretation of the Edge of Glory. A comedy/drama about a recent college graduate pursuing the modern American dream, going to Hollywood and selling his screenplay. Along the way, Buddy finds himself falling in love, struggling to stay out of his own head, and facing challenges that may drastically affect this summer and the summers to follow.
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    Duplicate, same as 1,2

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