Rock Daddy

Creator: Chad Pennington
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 17 and older
A floundering twenty-something wins tickets to a rock concert and ends up getting pregnant after a night with the lead singer.
Synopsis: What would you do if you had a wild night with a rock star....and ended up pregnant? Kimmy finds herself in that very same situation. Exiled in the suburbs, Kimmy and her friend Reeves, have never left their hometown of Springfield, Ohio. They work meager jobs as "candy ambassadors" at the local hospital; they have been best friends their entire lives.

After winning tickets to a rock concert, the girls are unintentionally thrown into a chance meeting with the lead singer, Zander Raines - the sexy front man of the band Stank. A wild night of partying with the band leads to an accidental pregnancy for Kimmy.

Now she and her best friend Reeves must navigate the crazy relationships she has with her oddball parents; the unrequited love of her childhood boyfriend; touring with a rock band while pregnant; and finally dealing with being a mom to a famous musician's baby.

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