Age rating: Everyone
When their musical instruments come alive, a group of poor young inner city musicians are inspired to win the All City Music Competition against the rich upper city musicians.
Synopsis: Twenty one year old aspiring conductor, Tom Blaney, has been assigned the responsibility to mold the musical talents of the young inner city musicians into an orchestra to compete in the All City Music Competition. The City Arts Committee, lead by greedy Mr. Foigras, have more selfish desires for personal gains than to be fair and give equal opportunity to the young musical hopefuls. Rather than provide the youngsters with adequate equipment, they give them the old, used, and battered instruments discarded by the Upper City Youth Orchestra who receive the new ones. Tom sees very little hope for his rag tag, hard working, earnest and dedicated group, but things begin to change one evening when Tom lets an old bag lady sleep in their rehearsal hall to keep out of the rain. The old lady is "Harmony" a beautiful ethereal creature in disguise who brings the musical instruments to life and tells them they must help the aspiring musicians to utilize their various ethnic backgrounds to enhance their music. The musical instruments are a very lively and humorous group with many experiences and tales to share with their young pupils. When one of the violins is stolen, the very old violin begins to tell his musical life story to the thieves and drives them crazy. The violin is recovered in time for the competition by a group of bag lady friends of Harmony and the inner city group wins the competition. Mr. Foigras and his greedy team are caught in their scheme and taken away by the authorities while the Upper City Orchestra join in with the Inner City musicians for a rousing encore and a Busby Berkeley style finale danced by the Bag Ladies and their shopping carts.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - JACK's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    FACE THE MUSIC is a natural for entertaining children while educating them how to utilize their imaginations toward personal goals and cooperation with others. It is designed to incorporate the magic of animation interacting with children of all ethnicities and is easily incorporated into marketing content such as books, games, toys, ancillary products, and children’s TV series.