Boyfriend From Hell

Creator: Wal Friman
Age rating: 17 and older
A man can’t stand seeing his mother in pain, leaves dead bodies behind and looks for his father, while he tries to come up with a reason to let his girlfriend live.
Synopsis: A young man Noah has recently fallen in love and wants to take his new girlfriend back home to help him with his mother’s homeless situation. What she doesn’t know is that Noah has lost it and is also on a spree of extreme violence. His situation has become too much for him to handle, traveling without money and looking for his father that doesn’t want anything to do with him.

His father earns his living in the Boston callboy scene, so Noah takes a job as a callboy hoping to locate his big role-model, as soon as possible. This is the biggest challenge of his life so far, because he’s homophobic and his customers demand him to perform his job before they give Noah information about his father. Noah is the loveliest guy there is on the surface and everybody he meets helps him as much as they can, but as he is forced to be intimate with people he dislikes, he loses it. He becomes violent and schizophrenic.

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