Creator: faizanul hasan
Age rating: Everyone
The new Defination of Crime is CYBER CRIME.

This story is about John Foster who is Cyber Security Specialist in Police Department. He is very respectful person in the Cyber field because of the work he has done in the same field.. In his short career he has given so much to Cyber field that everyone appreciates his dedication and commitment towards his profession.

In Egypt the Cyber council award him for his outstanding performance in the Cyber field. In the conference John when addressing to the audiences told that he is delighted by this honour. In near Future he is going to make Crime free Cyber so that this world can become a better place to live And I will prove this very soon.

The audience want to know the best cases solved by John Foster so from so many cases he tell 3 which he think are the best.(Flash Back )
Case No 1 ,2. and Case No.3.
End of Flashback.
John Foster finish with the Story he leaves with thanks to everyone.

Few days later John asks all the leading Cyber Security Specialists to come for the meeting. In the meeting John tell The police department is in big problem because of Cyber Mafia. The Department decided to catch the Cyber Mafia and they Choose John to do the work.

IT involves high risk. We are also not aware of the results which are going to occur if we fails.

Eva Joins Police Department and She will be working with John Foster.

Fight Scene:-John Foster and Eva Singh raid a house.Eva’s hand get injured during the raid but nothing serious.They arrest few people which they believe to be running hacking business.

Eva’s House:- John ask Eva about the injured hand
Eva says thanks for coming john.

During interrogation of Hackers which are arrested from the house one man name Maxx told that Cyber Mafia is recruiting the Fresh Engineer Graduates and i am also a Fresh Engineer Graduate.

John ask about the Recruitment Process maxx said Cyber Mafia can find anyone they want but we don’t know anything about them they are Invisible People and their Power is Immense. They can be anywhere from USA to China or India or New Zealand or Ghana anywhere in the world,because now i have been arrested i am useless for them.
After listening the whole story John Foster with Eva singh decided to visit top 5 universities and create the awareness about Cyber Mafia.

Eva in the car I am really impress john
john in reply smiles
Eva to john if you don’t mind can i ask you a question
john go ahead
Eva tell me something about yourself
John (FlashBack)
Flashback ends
Eva my house has come john , and see you tomorrow john see you .

Next day .
US Government receives a threat from Cyber Mafia to send 500 million otherwise they will Block the whole internet network

John Foster in meeting with US Government advice to give the money to Cyber Mafia because at present we are not in a position to negotiate with them but government refuse to pay money.

They ask John Foster to find the people who are behind this threat and you have only 7 days to do that which is the time period given by Cyber Mafia to US Government.

John study the Files of all the suspected cyber criminals and try to figure it out who might be the people behind this .
But unable to find the answer.

Eva to john :- why not try something new and trace their location because if they are sending message they are connected in one way or the other
john thats right but they are using proxy servers and it is very difficult to find the actual device from where the signals are coming they are much clever than us
Eva but there is always a way.
john yes you are right there is a way but it might backfire
Eva what ?

John i am working on a software for a long time which can detect the actual location of the signal but still it is incomplete and if i use that software and they hack the software we might be in deeper problem because they are one step ahead with us.

Eva but john the risk has to taken we can’t sit like this if it is not safe in office you can use my room
john agrees and in night they try to figure out the location with the help of john ‘s coding which he has written for his software after working whole night on system they were able to trace the location but were shocked that location is La university head office.

Next day whole team visit the university head office and check all the system there and again shocked because the LA university staff is sending the messages and they accept that they have done this for money and no one else is involved in this all these Cyber criminals are youngsters .

Party scenes
Everybody congrats John foster for this brilliant job

Beech Side :-
Eva and John
John Eva your eyes are very beautiful
Eva only Eyes
John i love you eva
Eva no words and give a tight hug to john mee too

Next day John wakes up in the morning and take a shower .
After Shower John Switch on his Mobile which is not working
Switch on internet on Laptop which is not working
He goes out there is a CHAOS in the CITY,As everything connected to the network like Mobile,Atm etc Everything is Hacked and the COUNTRY has come to STANDSTILL.
NO one knows what's going on

Next Scene
Police Department cyber cell
John whats wrong
One officer John calm down
John what ?
Officer Every Possible Network has been Hacked and the whole Country has Come to Stand still
John what ?
Officer yes John we should have listen to you and given the Money to Cyber Mafia Last Message we received from them which say ‘Now pay for you sins the end of everything ’
john oh my god.

President Office
John Sir we are unable to do anything
President your coding john ?
John useless because i need the system for that and because of this virus attack which they call water i can’t use it to trace their location
President but john ?

John Sir only Pray, it was due for long time because we have not done Enough to SAVE the Technology instead we became dependent on the technology.We have to pay for our Mistakes

President john what next ?

John Cyber Mafia is a Group of Crazy, Powerful and Invisible People we are helpless sir.

President there should be some way out ? look at the streets people are running here and there so many lives have already gone the scene remind me of judgement day when this world will end and we will have no control on anything.
John sir give me some time to think
President john there is no time
John silent and leave from there

John and eva in Department
Eva to John
John yes
Eva what next ?
John MORE Disaster to Come
Eva Stunned.

John take out his wallet and look the picture
Eva who is she ?
John my Mother
Eva where is she now ?
John no more
Eva sorry
John its ok.

John she use to say when you lose HOPE Pray to GOD and He will guide you
Eva to John lets pray .
Both close their eyes and suddenly john runs in a rush
Eva what’s wrong
John come quick we don’t have time.

John to President
Sir i Need the Recruitment files of all the Government Department for last one year
President hard copies should be provided to John Foster ASAP
John after receiving the files.
Everybody check the Agency whose Candidate have been Selected most for last one year
Very soon they figure it out the Agency Name.
Sir the Name of the Agency is Future Recruitment
and there address is 38 Bozeman Montana
John good and what is there tagline ? Water is Life.
John and Virus name WATER.

President to John - Great job Done
John it's always good to take a Step Back

Sir we need Military to go to montana and Catch the Cyber Mafia and Prosecute them once they have Restore the network
President do whatever you want

With the help of the Military John Foster Catch the Cyber Mafia in Montana and after Network was Restore instead of Prosecution John advise to kill them all as they are like VIRUS if left they will grow again and Military does the same thing.

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