Video Shoot

Creator: randy j white
Genre: Horror
Age rating: 17 and older
A band on the verge of breaking up schedule a video shoot at the English manor house rumored to be haunted by a fourteenth century vampiress.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Artemus Napoleon is the lead singer for a emo band, The Streaks. The band lately has had dissent in their organization. The guitar player, Bill Brush, has challenged Napoleon for leadership of the band. The bass player Roy Paul and drummer, Derek Griffith watch helpless as their fighting tears the group apart. In fact it has been six years since the bands’ last album. Their new album “Transition” is struggling on the charts, partly due to the splintered union of Napoleon and Brush. Each of them cut their tracks in separate studios for the album.
Malcom Parker, the enigmatic manager of the Streaks, decides that the fans need to see proof that the band is still together. Despite an earlier clause in their contract, Parker forces the band to shoot a video. It is decided that the shoot will occur on the grounds of a English manor house rented for the occasion. But due to a scheduling error by the location director, Chris Meloe, it looks like the manor house may not be available. A seedy gardener for a price tells Meloe of another manor house higher up the mountainous hill. He tells Meloe the house was once owned by an English lord whose daughter disappeared in the neighboring forest. In spite of the legend Meloe takes the Streaks’ entourage to Hall House.
Once there Napoleon falls under the spell of the manor houses’ resident, Nina Hall. He resides with her in her tower bedroom chamber. Napoleon plays a grand piano that once belonged to Nina. He bemoans that nobody understands his music. Meloe and the video director Travis Stanton organize their shoot with the cameraman Fitzgerald Collins and his crew, Steven, Ronald and Jeremy. Napoleon and Brush make the shoot more difficult with their constant arguing. Two groupies Miranda and Chloe who came along with Roy Paul and Derek Griffith find an old leather journal on a podium. They open the book and read Lord Hall’s final entries. He details how his daughter Nina has returned from the woods but not in a human form. The Streaks’ party dismiss this account has nonsense.
The camera crew are forced by Napoleon to stay outside in the cabin like servants’ quarters. There Steven discovers a dog eared book which is a diary from one of the manor house sharecroppers. They also recount how Nina’s return from the forest resulted in horrific events. That night Chloe leaves the bedroom she is sharing with Miranda and Roy Paul and Derek Griffith. She is attacked by the specter of Nina in the hall in the form of a tendril mist that keeps biting her. When she is dead Nina drags her body away.
Meloe receives a call from the builders who were going to construct the stage for the Streaks. They want to meet in a pub in town. Miranda joins Paul, Griffith and the camera crew. Napoleon and Brush drive off in their own cars. When Meloe arrives at the pub he is told in no uncertain terms by the foreman of the builders that they heard of the ghost of Nina Hall. They refuse to go up to the manor in fear of her vengeful spirit. They leave their truck with the materials for the stage and tell Meloe they will bill them for everything.
The video shoot proceeds as best it can with a jerri rigged stage and cameras powered by batteries and a gas generator. The fighting between Napoleon and Brush hits the boiling point with Napoleon storming off the set. That evening Miranda joins Roy Paul and Derek Griffith in their bedroom. Ignoring their homosexual leanings Miranda joins them. Meloe is bunking with Stanton. They note that they have most of the primary shots and the only thing left to shoot are Napoleon’s close ups. Napoleon continues to find a muse and good listener in Nina Hall. She stays with him until he passes out.
Bill Brush is caught off guard while playing his guitar. Nina tears his head off. The following day Miranda and Griffith awake to discover Roy Paul is missing. Meloe tries to keep the peace by suggesting that maybe all of the people who have vanished have simply gone into town to escape Napoleon. Meloe and Stanton finish their shots of Napoleon . Napoleon tells Meloe he wants to make the shoot into a concept video where the Streaks are performing before an audience of the undead. Stanton can see the promise whereas Meloe dreads facing Parker with the extra expense needed to make this a reality. Meloe agrees with Napoleon to keep him appeased knowing all the time that they are packing up to leave the next day.
Miranda and Griffith draw closer with the disappearances of their respective mates. They resolve to find out the truth as to what happened to their friends. The Streaks’ party decide to go back into town for supplies. Miranda and Griffith go to the local constable to get the police to help. The police are indifferent to their pleas. A man calls to them from one of the holding cells. It is the gardener who referred them to Hall House. He tells them that Nina Hall has taken their friends to Hell and that if they don’t leave she will come for them as well. Miranda and Griffith return to the others in the pub. It is decided that everyone will stay one last night in the manor before departing in the morning.
When the camera crew arrive back at the manor house they find Napoleon is there before them. Ronald lets the cat out of the bag and reveals to Napoleon that they are not staying on to work on his concept video but leaving. Napoleon directs his anger at Meloe and Stanton for lying to him. The Streaks’ party use their last night at Hall House to get wasted on booze and drugs. Napoleon has retreated to Nina’s bedroom chamber where he tells her that he wishes there was a way to make all of his detractors go along with his vision for the video shoot. She responds by biting his neck and draining him of all his blood.
Nina massacres everybody in the Streaks' party. Nina goes to Meloe in his chamber and compels him to call Parker. Meloe tells Parker his presence is needed to keep the video shoot going. Parker responds he will be on the plane in the morning. After Meloe finishes his call, Nina finishes Meloe.
Parker, true to his word, catches a plane in the morning. He finds that he has to rent a car to drive the rest of the way up to the manor. When he reveals his destination he is warned by a rental car clerk of the curse of Nina Hall. Parker is not scared so much as intrigued by the local’s belief in her legend. When Parker drives up on the Hall House property he finds a stage has been set up on the front grounds. The Streaks are playing on a stage. Spotlights are intersected over the face of the manor house. Parker admires the make up effects on the extras gathered for the shoot.
The piano bridge for the Streaks’ latest song “ Under Cover Of The Night” begins to play from the open window to the main tower. Parker sees Napoleon standing in the window sill. Napoleon swoops down into the crowd singling out Parker. He bites him in the neck then bounds on stage to finish the song.
We see the Streaks’ song “Under Cover Of The Night” go up the charts to number one. The album “Transition” is certified gold then platinum. The Streaks’ have reunited with a new goth, gang image. They have been joined by a common interest, the hunger for human blood. Another headline advertises The Streaks’ are embarking on their first world tour in over a decade.
Hall House returns to its’ darkness and abandonment. We hear the piano bridge for “Under Cover Of The Night” coming from the window of Nina’s bedroom chamber.

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