The Strange And Mysterious Visitors

Creator: Donald C. Wilson
Age rating: Everyone
A UFO crashes into the Atlantic near the nation’s capitol during a fierce winter storm. A team of international scientists attempt to unravel the mystery of the empty flying saucer as children on shore discover giant footprints in the snow leading out from the ocean.
Synopsis: With reports of UFO sightings along the eastern seaboard of the United States, the US Naval Air Force sends up a squadron of jet fighters to investigate. The jet squadron commander spots a huge silver disc floating in the ocean and reports that a UFO is down! Dr. Jim Bowman heads a NASA staff of international scientists organized to detect life on other planets. They are summoned to Andrews Air Force Base and are quickly escorted out to the area in the Atlantic by helicopter and land on the deck of the USS Dolphin Destroyer. They are all shocked and amazed to find an enormous spacecraft floating in the ocean nearby!
In the small mining town of Fallway, Virginia, a young school teacher and her high school class find giant footprints in the snow on the beach leading away from the ocean. When Bowman is informed of this discovery and the brutal murder of a farmer on the outskirts of the town, he flies his staff to Fallway. At the Fallway High School everyone is excited with the NASA scientists and the national press in town as the school teacher recounts her story. Five students, who become envious of the teacher’s sudden importance, decide to go up into the mountains surrounding the town to search the mines to find the mysterious creature. They find the alien’s vacant lair in an abandoned mine shaft!
After more bloody murders the townspeople plead to the military for help. Bowman flies to Washington to persuade the President to give him more time to make contact with the UFOs searching the skies in the Fallway area. He is flatly refused until the military’s air defense system shuts down when they attempt to fire upon approaching UFOs.
Later, at a town hall meeting, Jim Bowman tells why the UFOs are unable to make contact with the space alien and that the only way they can make contact with him is when he comes out of the mine shaft!.. And if he doesn’t come out...someone will have to go into the mineshaft and get him!

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