30 Days to Broadway

Creator: Brian Zibricky
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 17 and older
Zack Denson, 28, a recent college career student, is given an ultimatum from his fed-up father: Land a career in 30 days or pack your bags. In order for Zack to maintain his college lifestyle he must outlast his vile, conniving, and tech-savvy, 16 year old sister, Suzie.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Zack Denson, 28, a former college career student, arrives home to find himself the subject of a family intervention. Zack’s hard-nosed father, Frank, lays down the gauntlet: Land a career in 30 days or pack your bags. This is like, totally awesome news to Zack’s 16 year old, tech-savvy sister Suzie who lusts after Zack’s possessions.
In between trips to his former Alma Mater, to visit his younger brother, Zack begins his career search. Enlisting the help of his womanizing best friend Kenny, Zack lands various odd jobs only to be sabotaged each time by Suzie. During the process, however, Zack reunites with an old school mate, Amber Macintyre, and sparks eventually fly.
Zack meets his old college roommate, Mo Williams, now a troubled professional baseball player in the midst of controversy. Zack has an idea: He wants Mo to be the spokesman for his older brother’s lasic eye clinic. Mo not only agrees to be the spokesman but also has the surgery thinking it will give him the spark he needs to re-capture his former glory.
Zack beats his father’s deadline due to his brother employing him as his marketing guru. But Suzie changes the settings at the eye clinic where she also works, and wreaks Mo’s vision. Mo blames Zack. His brother’s eye clinic goes under after destroying the career of his highest profile client and spokesman. Suzie begins moving her things into Zack’s room. Frank hands over the keys to Zack’s car to Suzie.
Amber arranges for Zack to pitch a video game idea to one of her work contacts. Zack has an idea for a College Life simulation – a game that would let people live the college lifestyle forever. Zack uses his marketing talents to brand himself as the face of The College Life and the game is a smash. He ends up making amends with Mo by making him a video game cover athlete for the new version of the company’s baseball game.
Zack purchases a new car to replace his college car that he was forced to hand over to Suzie. But who can show up at a kegger party in a new sports car? He offers to trade his new sports car to his sister for the keys to his old car. She of course complies. Pulling out of the driveway for the first time, Suzie gets plowed into by Mo’s Escalade, totaling her new car.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Brian's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    30 Days to Broadway was a finalist in the Find the Funny competition in Hollywood, CA a few years back. In recent months I have adjusted some of the dated references but the core of the story and all major characters remain intact.