Genre: Drama
Age rating: 17 and older
An interweaving storyline set in war-torn Iraq circa 2006. A contractor is kidnapped by a rag tag group of insurgents, an infantryman discovers the war is not as noble as he imagined and a 14-year-old Iraqi orphan must care for his baby sister amidst the ruins of Baghdad.
Synopsis: Pinky takes place over the span of 2 years during the worst fighting in Iraq. It addresses many of the worst horrors of that war from both the American and Iraqi perspectives. From large engagements to intimate moments, Pinky captures a time in our history of confusion, mixed loyalties and an unclear path ahead.

Pinky opens with American contracted truck driver Malcolm being dragged into a hovel in Iraq where he is interrogated by Hasim, leader of a rag tag band of insurgents.

From there we are introduced to Mudafar, a 14-year-old Iraqi boy who's parents were killed in the fighting. He must protect his baby sister Sora. He scavenges for food and begs for money in the market to do so. An unfortunate incident puts him on a road of hatred and revenge he can't turn away from.

Private Samuels is a rookie GI who lands in Iraq full of ideals. He is sure he is there to help the Iraqi people. He is sure America is there to do the right thing and he is steadfast in his resolve.

He soon discovers things aren't that simple. The war isn't as black and white as he assumed. Allies are paranoid and dirty. Enemies have motivations other than pure evil and he finds it difficult to decide what the right actions are. He becomes deeply conflicted and faces some life-changing decisions.

Although not biographical, many situations are based on real events.

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  • Script 2 - Justin's 2nd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Reformatted for conversion screw-ups.
  • Script 1 - Justin's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Pinky began as a 60 page script for a short play that was not produced. I sent it to a film producer and director team and they loved it. Unfortunately it is not the type of film that they produce, but they encouraged me to flesh it out to feature length. I resubmitted to them and they thought it had reached new heights. I'm very grateful to them for spurring me on.