No Man's Ally

Age rating: Everyone
What will you do if you're told that you only have to live for a few days, weeks, months or years? Life's is described to be a hyphen (A Dash Between two dates; the day you were born and the day you'll die). We're left with making the most of the little time that we have.
Synopsis: Henry Orunor, a chartered account who runs an auditing firm but has little or no time for his family. His job created a space between himself and his family. This results into a constant misunderstanding with his wife. His wife realizes her husband doesn't give much attention to her and their son as he used to. She fights so hard for them to get counseling but to no avail. Henry finds himself trying to make amends when he discovers that he only has a few months to stay alive as he was diagnosed of a brain tumor. Now death becomes an inevitable debt every man must pay, he tries to make the most of the little time left..

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