Creator: Dorian Hess
Age rating: 13 and older
Teenage loner falls for the Spawn of Satan. Just another day in high school.
Synopsis: Adam Easton is a seventeen year old loner in that stage in life where you question everything – religion, morality, purpose. He has a point, his family was brutally murdered and he was shuffled off to a Catholic coed boarding school. No one wants him and he knows it. He only has a handful of friends, including outcast lesbian Capote and super-nerd Adair, and one mentor, the school principal and Adam’s father figure, Father Michael.

Then the new girl arrives and there’s just something… different… compelling about her. Eva Sinclair is like cotton candy – perfect, kind of irresistible, and horribly bad for you. You see…

Eva is the Spawn of Satan. And she’s at St. Stanislaus Academy to start the apocalypse.

The problem is Eva is new to being human. Sure, she has the knowledge of millennia, but she also has the hormones of a sixteen year old girl. On top of that, to actually start the apocalypse, Eva needs a very special book, the linchpin to her whole plan. And she can’t find it.

Eva attempts to enlist Father Michael’s help then kills him when he won’t cooperate. Adam is the one to find his friend and mentor’s body, which sends Adam on his mission to find the identity of the killer. During his search for clues, he finds the book Father Michael was hiding from Eva. It is old. It is illuminated. It is in code. Adam enlists the help of the two smartest people he knows, Capote and Adair, to help him decipher the book and lead him to the murderer.

As Adam and company get closer to an answer, Adam gets closer to Eva. And as Eva gets closer to the book, she gets more deadly. Soon, Adam’s friends are in her way, and, as much as she loves Adam, Eva was put on Earth for a reason. And dad, Satan, won’t be happy if she fails.

What she doesn’t know? Adam was put on Earth to stop her. And to stop her and save humanity, Adam must die.

Latest Work

  • Script 2 - Dorian's 2nd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Damnation was my first completed screenplay. It was a 2009 Nicholl Fellowship Quarterfinalist and a 2009 World Creative Awards Quaterfinalist. Since then, I have polished it, streamlined it, and made the characters more multi-dimensional.

All Work

  • Script 1 - Dorian's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    2009 Nicholl Fellowship Quarterfinalist and 2009 World Creative Awards Quarterfinalist
    This was my first screenplay. Since 2009, it has been polished and streamlined.