SMÅLAND - Home Sweet Home-Center

Age rating: 13 and older
Donald is a grumpy drunk, his life is in ruins. After trying to kill himself he is evicted from his home and in search for a new one Donald gets locked in an IKEA by coincidence. He decides to stay and has to blend in while being a complete stranger to SMÅLAND...

Latest Work

  • Pilot Script 1 - Episode 01: Couch Surfing
    Creative Notes:
    A black comedy series that features a broken main character who hates the world and people in it. But there has to be some good left underneath those thick layers of ignorance. On a journey to make IKEA his new home he has to find that spark of hope. This original series makes use of some already well established, stereotypical characters on TV and turns them into something new...
    Donald gets a sense of the life of a homeless person and in during his first day at IKEA he has to deal with a way too young CEO, a scared night-watchman, over-polite sales managers, a kleptomaniac, surprising night-time parties and annoying customers.