Killer Frogs: Terror in Paradise

Age rating: 13 and older
To win the Cold War, the United States military undertook many covert operations. The most lethal of these activities involved genetic mutation. Killer Frogs: Terror in Paradise is a sci-fi thriller about an abandoned super weapon unleashed on a secluded tropical island.
Project collaboration: Closed
To win the Cold War, the U.S. government laid seize to a remote tropical paradise. Families were forced from their homes while a top secret military instillation tested the boundaries of genetic mutation. In this Eden, killer frogs were born. The government succeeded in creating the ultimate super weapon: a preternatural hybrid with a carnivorous appetite for flesh.

After a horrific and bloody accident, the project was hastily abandoned. The military’s clandestine and depraved scheme remained hidden for over fifty years. But no secret stays buried forever.

Despite the impassioned pleas from an environmental scientist contracted by the government, a court order finally returns the restricted land to the people. The decision is a victory for an elderly man and his grandson, a civil engineer, looking to reclaim their heritage. For the environmentalist and her assistant, it is the beginning of a battle to protect the delicate ecosystem from human encroachment.

For a group of college co-eds, the island is the ideal setting for relaxing in the sun. They persuade a local boy to be their guide through the restricted areas and inadvertently awaken the dormant amphibious killers.

As the grandfather reconnects with the few remaining locals still inhabiting the island, he is reminded of the horrors he suffered there as a young child. Painful memories haunt him at every turn, while his grandson continues to optimistically look towards the future.

The environmentalist is joined by a mysterious government official, an elderly man with preexisting knowledge of the military installation and an obsessive drive to reach the base. His motives are unknown, but an innate mistrust is immediately established.

The terror begins stealthily as the frogs spread across the island. Only when the characters have gathered at a rundown bar in the small fishing village does the nightmare really begin. The group is forced to band together for survival as they desperately try to battle the monsters.

While bloodshed and death canopies the island, the survivors reach the military base. Once there, new conspiracies and ulterior motives are exposed. An enemy within their group tries the grab control and the truth is revealed. The environmentalist and the civil engineer must join forces to destroy the overwhelming horde of frogs. And for one, the ultimate sacrifice is required to save the others.

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