Creator: Mary Pocrnic
Age rating: Everyone
Santa dies, and his only heir, a daughter, must take over the reins before she’s ready and save Christmas from the ruthless clutches of a vengeful jeweler.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Santa Claus has died so his only child, Serena, must take over the reins before she’s ready. On her first practice run before the big day, she loses a family heirloom, a magical pocket watch that if not found and returned to its rightful owner, Christmas will be destroyed. With the help of her trusty elves, lead by the head elf, Maury, Serena journeys to San Francisco to retrieve the watch, unaware that the watch has landed into the hands of Clive DeSilva, a vengeful jeweler with an agenda of his own. Complications ensue when Serena, sheltered for so long in the North Pole, likes her new surroundings, especially Ben Maguire, a widower with an eight-year-old daughter. Ben’s daughter, Sophie, is a true believer right from the start but Ben is not. A struggle develops not just over the watch, but also within Serena as to whether or not she should follow her heart or her duty. She gains the courage to believe enough in herself to save Christmas, but can Ben do the same?

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