TV Land

Creator: Laird Roberts
Age rating: Everyone
A man gets his wish to live in the world he sees depicted on television and quickly discovers that while it’s a fun place to watch you really, really don’t want to live there.
Synopsis: When a televison salesman isn't showing a customer the latest plasma monitor he’s watching one. In fact he's too busy with his "shows" to notice the lovely cashier who works next to him. One day the store’s janitor hears him wish he could live in the world depected on television. The old man tells the saleman he should be careful what he wishes. The next day the salesman discovers his wish has come true, that he is nowliving in a world populated with zombies, vampires, terrorists, surly detectives and overly colorful people. He starts a desperate quest to get back to his old world. However, in this world he does takes notice of the lovely cashier and falls in love her. In the end he chooses to stay in that world, not because he likes it, but because she's there.

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