My Girlfriend Sucks!

Creator: Sylvie Brock
Age rating: 13 and older
As the world learns to embrace interracial relationships and grasp the idea of gay marriage, it appears they are not yet ready for Inter-Vamp Relationships. Follow one hilarious night in the lives of one couple as they expose their relationship to their family and friends.
Synopsis: Brandon and Uletta have been keeping their relationship a secret for fear they will not be accepted with open arms. Brandon comes from a successful bloodline and Uletta is a direct descendant of Dracula. Having discussed it together they decide it’s time to let their friends and family know about their relationship.

As would be expected Uletta comes with some baggage, due to the fact that she is over a hundred years old. Her baggage includes; Dante, an over protective brother, and a vampire hunter named Van Van Helsing the Eleventh, direct descendant of THE famous Van Helsing. Van Van however is more like a blundering idiot and not as successful as his predecessors. Van poses more fun for Uletta and her brother than threat.

Brandon however is not without baggage of his own. Most notably, his mother Anna, a high society snob who is adamantly opposed to inter- vamp relationships. Additionally, Brandon’s father Jim who would rather go with the flow and is not opposed to any such relationships, in fact he fanaticizes about Uletta’s bite upon first sight. Then there’s Mrs. Cammalleri, Brandon’s 98 year old, seemingly senile grandmother, who as it turns out, has met Uletta many, many, many years ago. And of course we cannot forget Brandon’s best friend Mike who despises vampires and believes they should be placed on vamp reservations in Transylvania.

The story brings all these characters and more together over the course of the night. Will the night end with acceptance or bloodshed?

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