I'm With the Band

Creator: Dana Whitney
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 13 and older
An alcohol abusing ex-reality star moves back home with her family to plot out her next career move, joining forces with her geeky younger brother in a plan to play at the Lonely Star music festival.
Synopsis: Kathy, a limelight seeking punker in her mid-20s, has moved back home, after a stint on the reality TV show, I'm With the Band. Dejected and surly, she's lost as to her next move, spending her time drinking, taping fake interviews with herself, and watching reruns of her show.

After her brief taste of stardom, she's desperate to return to the spotlight, and auditions for an all-girl band, securing a spot in the Lonely Star Music Festival. But after landing a DUI, she is ordered to wear a monitoring anklet, and forbidden to enter drinking establishments, ruining this major gig she had lined up.

Her younger brother, Jake, shy and nerdy, has just been removed from the Boy's Choir, as his voice changes, leaving him unable to perform his soprano solos. Deirdre, an outgoing aspiring rock and roll star in his school, coerces him into being her partner in their Civics class, so that she can meet her idol - Kathy. Taken with Deirdre's attention, Jake pleads with Kathy to take him under her wing, and teach him how to be cool.

Deirdre hatches a scheme for Kathy to have a gig playing at the Lonely Star music festival, by black mailing the festival Director into having their first all ages show, at their high school. Serving as her band mates, Deirdre and Jake join Kathy in the all city high school 'Battle of the Bands' to win this coveted spot in the festival, as Jake develops a growing crush on Deirdre.

After winning the spot in the festival, Kathy suddenly leaves the band, taking an offer to star in another reality TV show, Celebrity Drunk Tank. Jake and Deirdre perform without her, realizing their musical dreams, as well as their affection for one another.

Latest Work

  • Script 4 - Dana's 3rd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This version revamps the third act, with Jake eclipsing Kathy at the Lonely Star music festival, forcing her to face her limitations.

All Work

  • Script 3 - Dana's 2nd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This rev works to strengthen the relationships between the three central characters.
  • Script 2 - Rick's 1st Draft
    Creative Notes:
    I thought this story would be better if Kathy was a country singer. I also have some original songs that have been incorporated to make the movie more of a musical.
  • Script 1 - Dana's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This is a teen comedy, and love triangle between a high school boy, his sister, and the girl in his class he crushes on -- but who idolizes his reality tv star sister.