Off The Record

Creator: Stewart Gold
Age rating: 13 and older
"Off the Record"is a ripped-straight-from-the-headlines "Crimedy" (crime/comedy hybrid). Set in the dying industry of newspaper journalism, fledgling newspaper reporter Justin Pfeffer finds himself smack in the middle of the salacious and oddball stories he reports on.

Latest Work

  • Short Video 1 - "Off The Record" Director's Commentary
    Creative Notes:
    This is the Director, Mark Haapala's, commentary on the making of the dark comedy, "Off The Record".
  • Pilot Video 2 - Pilot for Dark Comedy "Off the Record" (18 minutes)
  • Pilot Script 1 - Pilot Script for "Off the Record"
    With the hours counting down until midnight, Justin races to file his story on the notorious “Enema Bandit” – a lunatic terrorizing the citizens of Silver City. His plans are complicated when he is forced to babysit a co-worker's Alzheimer's-stricken grandmother.

All Work

  • Pilot Video 1 - Teaser for Dark Comedy Pilot "Off the Record" (1-minute)
    Creative Notes:
    This is the 1-minute Teaser for the dark comedy pilot "Off The Record"