"the chosen"

Creator: bonnie morawa
Genres: Drama, Horror
Age rating: 13 and older
violet 25 returns home after her families death to find more horrid discovery dead bodies in a under ground cave . with the help of her child hood friends john ,jake justin and adam. together
they try to solve they mystery and discover evil vampires.
Synopsis: violet morgan returns home to her small town in maybe,michigan after her families
mysterious murders. she gets together with long lost love john and father to her ten year old
son sean. john, violet decide they want to solve the murders and violet discovers
the underground cave of dead bodies including her families they decide to find the murderers
with help of three more childhood friends jake, justin and adam together they discover
evil vampires and learn violet is "The Chosen" she can be the one to end it or turn herself
what will violet choose.

this is not twilight folks they do kill some of the vampires expect vampires exploding into flames
and lots of action,choices, intrigue and some romance.

keep reading what will she choose death or immortallity.

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