Winneconne Was Here

Creator: Anthony Catalano
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 13 and older
Winneconne, a small town in Wisconsin, is accidentally omitted from the state road maps and it's citizens stand up and take a stand to declare their rights as their own sovereign government.
Synopsis: Based on a remarkable true story, Winneconne Was Here is based on the 1967 secession of the small town of Winneconne from the state of Wisconsin. For several hours, Winneconne became its own sovereign state with an official flag, state motto, and state animal. This was the result of the town being forgotten to be put onto the official Wisconsin state road maps. With my script, I have used the real framework of the events and added a fictional story to accompany it.

The film opens with out of work newspaper reporter Nathaniel Brent arriving in Winneconne to start his new post at the Winneconne News. There, he meets many unique individuals, such as the eccentric old man who runs the newspaper, a garbage man/police officer who becomes his best friend, a school teacher who he falls in love with, the mayor who perhaps cares too much about his town, and a whole slew of others.

One night, Nathaniel stumbles across the fact that Winneconne does not appear on the newly issued state road maps. He writes an article on the matter that sparks widespread controversy and anger among the townspeople. The mayor requests help from the governor, but he ignores the situation - which only worsens it. Fueled by several key members of the community, the town proposes the radical idea to secede from the state of Wisconsin and to form their own sovereign state. To the dismay of Nathaniel, the bill passes and Winneconne declares it's independence from Wisconsin.

The governor receives the message sent by the people of Winneconne loud and clear, and he sets out to negotiate with the mayor so to save his own political career. Ultimately the town of Winneconne come out victorious over the antagonizing governor, and they become stronger as a community as they have ever been.

Nathaniel Brent is at the front lines during the entire ordeal, and he too comes out wiser and better.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Anthony's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    The original draft that is being submitted is my fourth and most current draft to date. I have reduced the amount of speaking in half to allow for more focus on the main characters and to cut down on production costs of hiring unneeded talent who only act as filler.