Creator: gene reaves
Age rating: 17 and older
A clandestine research team clones The DNA of a vampire to create super durable soldiers; some powerful enough to destroy an entire army. When two of the clones escape its an all out fight to bring them back before the world discovers the secrets of THE TEPES LEGACY
Synopsis: 30 years ago a clandestine biological research team stole an archeological discover unlike any the world has ever seen. The remains of a vampire. The Daughter of Dracula. Her DNA was studied and cloned to create super durable soldiers to be sold to the highest bidder. Some of the clones develop fantastic abilities so powerful, that one clone could literally destroy an entire army. When two of the clones escape the creators must do anything they can to bring them back before the outside world discovers the dark secrets of the TEPES LEGACY.

CHILDREN OF DARKNESS: The Tepes Legacy is a dark roller coaster ride of action, horror and thrills. This isn’t a vampire tale, it’s a creature tale. Featuring monsters with abilities you have never seen before. At its heart is a story of redemption and acceptance with some mitochondrial ass kicking at every turn.

This story is an action adventure/sci fi world with Horror overtones. The adreneline pours off the pages as you move from one action scene to another. This story takes an old idea and spins it on its head, with new monsters, powers and creatures.

This installment is the first in what is invisioned as a trilogy.

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