Creator: sunil puri
Age rating: 17 and older
NOSTRADAMUS prophecises the third Antichrist will wage war for 27 years and die a bloody death.Osama bin Laden,a terrorist,$50 million on his head,is tracked down and killed by US Navy Seals,announcing the codeword GERONIMO EKIA.
Synopsis: NOSTRADAMUS,an occult seer,prophecises“the third Antichrist,will wage war for 27 years and die a bloody death”,”in the New City,Two great rocks will war”.OSAMA BIN LADEN,overthrows a superpower,the Russians.Challenges another the US,by bringing down the Twin Towers.The most wanted by the FBI franchises terror around the globe and becomes an iconic figure.He is finally hunted down by the US Navy Seals who announce the codename,GERONIMO EKIA.

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