16 Psyche

Creator: Timothy Parkes
Age rating: 17 and older
It is the year 2067 and the Earth’s need for minerals knows no bounds. When a group of miners in the Asteroid Belt discover the shocking truth that they have been illegally cloned they plan a daring escape to Earth.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Rose wakes up to find herself on 16 Psyche, an asteroid, in the asteroid belt. Her memories are limited and she believes she’s has been sent to the mining prison for the crime of prostitution. She meets up with old prison hands Grit and Jeff and they befriend her.
When Jeff discovers a telescope and TV decoder in his room, left by an infiltrator, he quickly realizes they are not 20 light years from Earth and that they are illegal clones and not criminals. He breaks this startling news to Grit and Rose and they plan their escape to Earth.
Unfortunately, they leave a few clues and the infiltrator is discovered and killed by the ruthless chief of security, Sanders. On the day of their escape Sanders tries to interrogate Rose but is jumped by Grit. The game is up and they have to escape under fire. They fake the destruction of their space vehicle and manage to hitch a unseen ride on an asteroid delivery to Earth.
When Sanders finds no trace of DNA or an escape pod in the wreckage, he concludes they managed to escape. He is sent to Earth to track them down and kill them.
After a few months in hibernation they arrive at Earth. They firstly make their way to Jeff’s clone father, Michael, and seek help and refuge. Michael, a charismatic church minister, is dying of cancer but is more than prepared to help them as he feels partly guilty. Unfortunately, a zealous Elder, Giles, has other ideas.
Grit goes to meet up with his clone father, Bora. They hit it off and Grit takes on Bora’s job and meets a pretty fellow worker.
Rose goes to find her dead mother clone’s father, Jack. Jack has had a torrid time over the last few years. He was a veteran of the Moon Wars and is struggling to get over the drugs they feed soldiers to make them better, quicker. He has his application to donate his DNA to the fake Universe Colonization project. It’s really a way of getting DNA to make clones. His wife, Rose’s clone mother, was killed in a flying accident caused by one of Jack’s hallucinations.
When Michael finds himself at death’s door, Giles drugs Jeff and his body is surgically stolen. Michael’s brain is implanted into Jeff’s body. Ironically, shortly after this, Sanders turns up, obviously doesn’t believe him, kills him and burns the house down.
Next Sanders pays a visit to Bora, who he kills. When Grit returns from a night out with his new girlfriend, Lauren, he has a dramatic fight with Sanders which he loses. Sanders kills him and rapes Lauren.
When Rose sees the news of Michael’s demise and can’t contact Grit she realizes something is amiss. Jack gets tooled up and they manage to evade Sanders. They go to see Rose’s mom, the wife of the chairman of the Asteroid Mining Company.
In a thrilling climax, Sander’s clone father, Ben, shows up, much to Sander’s dismay. Ben kills Sanders then has an epic fight with Jack. In the end Rose shoots Ben dead.
In conclusion Rose enjoys her experience on Earth and learns to love Jack, who loves her unconditionally.

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