Dragon's Triangle: Treasure of the Naga

Age rating: 13 and older
A beautiful adventurer's quest for a legendary pirate's treasure leads her into the mysterious Dragon's Triangle where she encounters an ancient race of serpent men.
Synopsis: The pirate Captain Johnny Blueblood stands on the swaying deck of his ship, The Myrmidon, holding a jewel encrusted silver trident. The hull is breached, the water is full of sharks and the blood of his crew. A Naga, a humanoid creature with a snake lower body, crawls onto the deck. The Captain shoots it, but is overtaken by others as he tries to reload. The ship rapidly sinks below the waves of the stormy sea.

In modern day, Rachel and her crew of treasure hunters are headed to the island where they believe they will find the pirate's treasure. Following an old map they stumble upon a small box in a pit. They are disappointed to find only the other half of their map with a snake symbol on it. Rachel takes the map to Gabriel, an expert on Captain Blueblood. His ancestor was the only survivor of the sinking of Captain Blueblood's ship. He tells her that the snake symbol on the map warns of the Naga, an ancient race of serpent men.

Gabriel shows up at Rachel's boat and warns her that she was followed. Rachel is confronted by Zhao's men that want the map. Her crew manages to run them off. Zhao is not amused by his men's failure to return his map, he wants to know what Gabriel told Rachel. Rachel's boats has its mast damaged by a storm and the mission is in jeopardy.

Rachel's crew works hard to tow the damaged boat, Rachel finds out there is a boat following them. Zhao has Gabriel aboard his ship and is roughly questioning him. The boat being towed is attacked by Naga, the crew fights back. One of the girls calls the other boat for help as sharks slam into the ship causing it to take on water. The girl puts on diving gear to escape but she is eaten before she can reach the other boat. Rachel's crew is mad they weren't told about the boat following them and they blame it for the attack.

Rachel and her crew confront Zhao and his men and he orders her ship to be sunk. They manage to escape, but their boat is damaged. They make it to the island, she leaves some crew to repair the ship while others go with her into the jungle. They find the cave that was on the map.

Rachel and Kevin descend down into the cavern and find strange carvings on the walls. A Naga attacks them, Kevin is killed and Rachel is knocked out. Men stand on the deck of Zhao's ship with tranquilizer guns and a diver on a line as bait to catch a Naga. They manage to catch one in a net and take it below deck. Devon and Shawn go down to look for Rachel, they find Kevin's body and go back for help. The chained Naga is taken to the room Gabriel is locked in. The Naga attack Zhao's ship, Ken helps Gabriel escape, they appear to be the only survivors.

Rachel wakes up in a golden cage in the Naga throne room. She sees a barely alive Zhao drug before the Naga King, he is ordered to be taken away to a room with a large pool. An ancient sea serpent rises from the water and drags Zhao under, blood bubbles up to the surface.

Rachel's crew is armed and heading to find her when they see Ken and Gabriel washed ashore. The Naga King looks over Rachel in her cage, his Captain comes to give him news and they leave together. The Naga Queen approaches Rachel and offers her a bowl of drugged fish, Rachel passes out. Rachel's crew along with Gabriel are in the tunnels looking for her, one of them wades through a pool of water and is snatched up by a giant pale shark. Naga appear from hidden passages throwing spears at the crew, forcing them towards the pool with the shark.

Rachel wakes up, dressed in an elaborate costume, she is chained by her ankle but manages to get free. The Queen is hidden and watches her escape, she has a baby with her. The Naga King appears and challenges the crew to take his trident, Shawn accepts. There is a fierce struggle and the King gets the upper hand, Devon shoots the King in the shoulder before he can deliver a killing blow. The crew opens fire on the Naga and the King gives an order to his Captain who slithers away. Shawn runs and finds himself in the treasure room, he sees the reflection of the King approaching from behind and grabs a sword. They fight until the loud sound of large stone slabs slamming together makes them stop, the King laughs and backs away.

Rachel is running down tunnels, the stones slamming echo around her, she runs into Shawn and they notice the water level rising. The crew are fighting the Naga and fire a grenade into the Naga's secret tunnel and then go in it. Rachel and Shawn hear the explosion, the water level is rising and they find old WW II munitions. The rising water allows the Sea Serpent to burst free from its lair. The crew finds the treasure room and starts grabbing handfuls when they see Rachel and Shawn hauling explosives. The water is getting deeper and Naga spears whiz past them. The Naga are sealing tunnels limiting their escape route. The Sea Serpent moves down the tunnel eating anything in its path. The crew is attacked again by Naga and Charlie is dragged off. The Sea Serpent emerges, they fire at it and run off but it snatches up Devon. He manages to toss the grenade launcher to Rachel. She can't fire because of the explosives, the crew has to drag her away.

The Naga Queen pulls a lever that reverses the flow of the water. The draining water pulls the swimming crew members in different directions. Sharks that were swimming down tunnels flop around on the floor. Shawn encounters the Naga King, they struggle and Shawn stabs him. The King is wounded and the Queen approaches him, she grabs the trident from him. The King struggles to follow her, but the Sea Serpent attacks him from behind and devours him. Rachel crawls out of the cave, the crew is placing more explosives, she goes back after Shawn. She finds Shawn being chased by Naga, the others pull them out with a rope. Rachel fires down the cave with the grenade launcher starting a chain reaction. The collapsing tunnels crush the ancient Sea Serpent.

The Naga Captain grabs Rachel and she drops the launcher, Ken shoots him in the head and the crew heads back to the ship. Rachel's battered ship makes it's way to a Japanese harbor, police are waiting to question them. Ken blames his uncle Zhao for the deaths.

At a fishing village treasure begins to wash up on the shore. A small girl finds the Naga Queen washed ashore, she is clutching the trident and her baby...it's a Naga but with legs. The girl looks at the baby squirming as her mother pulls her away. A man reaches out to take the trident but the Queen's grip tightens, he recoils in fear as she opens her eyes and hisses.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Glenn's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    The mysterious Dragon's Triangle, a region of the Pacific said to be a danger zone on Japanese maps, is also known as the Devil's Sea, or the "Pacific Bermuda Triangle". According to Charles Berlitz's books The Bermuda Triangle (1974) and The Dragon's Triangle (1989) in the peacetime years between 1952-54 Japan lost 5 military vessels with crews totaling over 700 people.