Creator: G.SRIDHAR
Age rating: Everyone
An old man’s struggle with his loneliness
Henry is a 65 years old man. He was born in a small village, Faraway from California. He enjoyed his early life, with family and friends. Later he came to the city, for his higher studies. From that time onwards, he started to lose his happiness.

City life turned his life as mechanical .He Finished studies and got a job. His studies and job gave him a good carrier and luxurious life, but he lost his peace of mind.
So many young girls came across in his life. But no one showed him true love and care. They loved his money and luxurious life only, not him. When he is asked them to marry him, they didn’t agree. They left him.

Friends and friendship was so good, till he came to know, about their real faces. They used his name and fame in all the way, and finally cheated him.

Because of his immaturity he lost some worthy relationships too. So, now he was all alone with none for him.

For him, each day began with so many questions. “Why am I living? “for whom am I living? But he couldn’t get the answer.

He felt very difficult to lead the life alone. To avoid the loneliness, he used to go to so many places like parks, beach, libraries etc. His aimless walking helped him to kill the hours. So, he was ready to go wherever his legs go. He returned to his room only whenever he felt the tiredness. He shared all his feelings and emotions with his pillows, imagining them as a person.

Next day, he continued the same. This routine made him very boring. He felt very dry to be alone. As he was a great lover of family life, his lonely feelings started to kill him day by day. At this old age only, he realized the need of a good companion to share everything.

Finally he came to a decision. He went to a pet shop and selected a nice pet called Jimmy.

Jimmy made his life happy. He loved Jimmy a lot. Even though Jimmy gave him a good company, he felt that, he missed something in his personal life. Yes, he missed his peace of mind.

After a long struggle, he decided to go for a spiritual tour to get a peaceful mind.
He selected India to go. As India is a country of strong spiritual beliefs, He hoped that he would get the peace of mind there.

So, he and Jimmy started their journey. They both visited so many places. He enjoyed that trip a lot. But Jimmy was not. From the beginning itself, he started to irritate others. He teased others in the public places. Henry advised Jimmy to stop all these nonsense. But he didn’t mind that. Henry felt ashamed in many places because of his silly activities.

After they reached the resort, Henry started to scold jimmy a lot. But Jimmy didn’t feel for that. Henry became angry and he warned Jimmy to stop all his nonsense. But, Jimmy didn’t agree with him and started to argue with him. He blamed Henry that he was the only reason for all of his activities and explained that he was reflecting him. He asked Henry to change himself first. His reply made Henry very angry. He didn’t expect it. Henry started to beat jimmy. Jimmy attacked Henry and escaped from there. Henry was shocked. He didn’t want to leave jimmy as he reveled his hidden feelings. So he searched jimmy and destroyed it.

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