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Media is a blessing for humans but some people are making this medium a curse.We have to find those people and keep them away from Media and make media more reliable and trustworthy and there is a need for censorship for media.

War is going on between India & pakistan,North Korea & South Korea , Iran and Israel. UN(United Nations) trying to stop the war.

2. The good thing is no country has used the nuclear weapon till now but the fear is growing as war is becoming more intense.

3. The surprising factor is media all over the world have given a wide coverage to the war.

4. The reason for the war is basic.India is fighting on Kashmir issue with Pakistan.

5. South Korea is fighting with N.Korea because N.Korea hates S.Korea because of their old history.

6. Iran wants more oil in Middle East .

7.So all these issues can be solved with a dialogue then why war.

8.Few questions comes to mind ? Is there is a conspiracy ?
9.Second World is going to end because of their wrong doing or something else.

10. UN with the help of US,UK and other countries was able to stop the war in few days.

11.But the BIG Question needs the Answer who is responsible for the war ???

12.So a TEAM is formed to investigate each and every aspect related to this Biggest war and Human Tragedy after world war II .

13.MR Lawson with Bryan and Chris are going to investigate the whole thing.They collect all the related data and start their investigation .

14.Team Lawson Travel to india,pakistan,North Korea ,South Korea,Iran and Israel but unable to find any clue that this war was a conspiracy.After a long week of hard work they return to USA with no luck.

15.SAMANTHA ( Daughter of Mr.Lawson) believes in love but ANDY ( Boyfriend of Samantha) he don’t believe in love because love has no meaning as every relationship is based on terms and conditions, ANDY explain this by saying that we the people nowadays are only interested in making relationship with only to those to whom we think that it is profitable to us and there is nothing called love relationship in this world .

16.SAMANTHA thinks just opposite and she says that if love is not there then how one person can live with other for so many years and she give example of her mother and father but ANDY also give the example of his father who has married again after his mother died and his father has taken only seven days to marry again. And so the argument continues.

17.They both usually travel and spend a lot of time together and understand each other very well but not interested in marriage till they are well settle in life.

28.Family Scene:-
Mr. Lawson watching TV with family.
Samantha Dad is this not funny when watching TV we keep our eyes focus on screen and don’t give any attention to Remote Control if we realize how important Remote control is then our perception can change
Mr, Lawson yes you are correct
sometime things are under your nose and you keep looking the whole world.
(suddenly few images come in Lawson vision and he say oh my god and leaves the room)

29.Meeting room
Team Lawson
Mr Lawson to his team friends we are running in wrong direction ?
Team to Lawson what ?
Mr. Lawson Yeah First we have to dig the whole USA for the truth because the power lies here
Team to Lawson - are you saying someone sitting here is operating the whole game
Lawson - i am not sure may be maybe not but lets try

30.First make a list of people whose life style have changed in last one year then we will work on them because a lot of money is involved in this case and this is human nature that once money comes you can’t sit without spending
Team- ok.

31.Few days later
Team to Lawson -- Sir we have a list according to this in last one year 55 people have changed their status but out these 2 are very interesting one is ex movie actress Lauren and other is asylum seeker from pakistan Mr Anwar Pathan.
According to the reports he is running a big racket of money laundry for india pakistan,bangladesh and sri lanka

32. AND Lauren ? Lauren is from a Small city BozeMan Montana from where she has completed Graduation.She was Miss USA After the graduation she move to LA after getting the scholarship for the PG course in film studies where also she was gold medalist.

33.Lawson to team - let’s start from Mr. Anwar Pathan.

34.They raid Anwar Pathans apartment but he was found Dead
Team Lawson was shocked.

Interrogation Scene..Lauren to Mr.Lawson
Flashback (3)Starts --

41.After becoming Miss USA i came to Hollywood to try my luck in the Hollywood but unfortunately after struggling for 3 years i was unable to make big in the glamour industry.

44.During her struggle period she got a chance to perform in a party of underworld Don Kelly the King in Cyprus.Kelly was impressed by her performance.

46.After returning back to LA. Lauren was watching the movie in her bedroom. In the movie there was a scene where underworld don was threatening the well known hollywood director to give the break to the new comer and director was helpless and decided to launch the new comer in a big budget movie.

47.After watching this scene Lauren think why not try the same and she suddenly decided to call Kelly the King and Kelly said that tomorrow go and meet Mr.Branson and you will get the movie as a lead actor.

48. And in few days Lauren was working with 4 top directors of the industry.

49.But unfortunately all the movies flop badly at the box office
50.Don Kelly introduce Lauren to Mr.Thomson in this way Lauren started to work for Mr. Thomson

51.Flashback(3) Ends….

Mr.Lawson to Lauren - Mr Thomson the Media Giant
what do you know about him ?

Lauren to Mr. Lawson

52.Flashback (4)Starts…..The story unfolds like this :- Future Media owner MR Thomson Dyer trying very hard to take control of Media Industry but its not working.

53.He tried by sponsoring Miss Universe And Against all odd forcing the judges to give the Title to Miss China.
Still Mr.Thomson was not satisfied. he wants Monopoly in Media Industry.

54.So one day he came up with this Inhuman idea .

55.That create the war between few countries and show live to world because we are responsible for WAR we know where and what is going to happen.

56.In this way our Media company will reach Unimaginable Heights because of this Live ACtion.

57.Don Kelly will supply the Arms and Ammunition to all Countries at low cost because we want war and war will gives us the opportunity to make big money

58.Don Kelly and Mr.Thomson. were Successful in their mission.
59.Flashback(4) ends..

Lawson team Shocked.
Lawson to team - we have to expose Mr.Thompson Dyer and Kelly
Team to lawson - Sir

60.Mr.Thomson Dyer was Exposed and his Media Group company Future Media was black listed .

61.But Mr.Thompson shot himself before Team Lawson’s can catch him alive and dig more truth.

62.Don kelly was shot by Team Lawson.

63.Lawson to Media - Media is a blessing for humans but people like Mr.Thompson Dyer make it a curse.We have to find people like Dyer and keep them away from Media and make media more reliable and trustworthy and there is a need for censorship for media.

64.Mr. Lawson drinking morning tea with his family and Andy
Andy to Mr.Lawson -Sir great job done
Mr.Lawson - Thanks.
Andy to Mr,Lawson - But Sir as history teaches us for example we are still not 100% sure that Adolf Hitler have really commit suicide or it was staged

65.After listening this Mr.Lawson was stunned.
Few images comes to his mind and he says in anger
Son of a bitch

Andy To Mr.Lawson - what happen sir
Mr.Lawson to Andy - Nothing .

Mr.Thomson in his heart ‘this time you have escaped but not next time.’

written by Faizanul Hasan.

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