Slasher Island

Creator: Fredrik Payedar
Genre: Horror
Age rating: 17 and older
A doctor buys an island in order to enable people to sell their kidneys there. He has borrowed money from the mafia to buy the island. When his idea turns out to be unprofitable, the mafia forces him to take prostitutes there, which they provide and use them as organ banks.
Synopsis: Island of horror(please see the story board, it contains the full movie idea presented in a movie like way)

The film is about a Russian doctor who figures that he can get around the rules surrounding organ donation by purchasing an uninhabited little island that is part of an island nation and bribe the king of the kingdom to allow organ trafficking. His idea is that people willing to sell their kidneys and rich people needing to buy can come here. On this island a German company has already built a hotel for nude tourists, which has gone out of business.

In order to finance his plans he takes contact with the Mafia. However the cost to buy the island, bribing the islanders and the mafias share becomes too much and he is fast losing money.

For this reason the physician allows himself to agree to yet another deal with the Mafia. This new deal means that they pick up prostitutes and send them to the island believing they will be pleasing an eccentric billionaire and his friends. They are also handsomely paid for their services in cash and little do they know that they are really there as human organ banks. The money they have received will off Course be taken back once they have fulfilled their purpose.

The beginning of the end comes when some of the girls are playing in the sand they come across a semi rotten tattooed foot. The foot belongs to one of the earlier girls that had to be buried before they got an incinerator.

For this reason, they build a raft and get to a nearby Island. There they are well received by the islanders who throw a party for them, but in the end it becomes clear that the islanders are also working for the mafia and the girls have been drugged...

(the nationality of the girls and the doctor can be changed to south American, or Indian

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