The sea serpent

Creator: Fredrik Payedar
Genre: Horror
Age rating: Everyone
In Norse mythology there is a creature called the sea serpent. The sea serpent is of the species mosasaur. When the polar caps melt a sea serpent that has been frozen comes to life and starts attacking people( some reptiles like the Canadian forest frog can really do this)
Synopsis: The sea serpent (please see the story board, it contains the full movie idea presented in a movie like way)

Due to global warming the polar ice caps are melting. Embedded in a melting glacier, there is a frozen sea serpent. The Sea serpent is a mythical creature known from the Viking sagas. Some northern living reptiles for example the Canadian Forest frog (Lithobates sylvaticus) has the ability to freeze over during winter. When the ice melts they then begin to live again as if nothing happened. It turns out that the same is true for the sea serpent which is of the species mossasaur, a marine lizard race that has been extinct for millions of years, but some of which have survived in frozen condition. Mosasaurs are territorial animals. If a mossasaur believes that another predator is trespassing on its territory, it will do everything it can to kill the animal.

There happens to be a gas extraction platform not far from where the now thawed mossasaur is and the animal gets the idea that the people there are intruding on it's territory. The mosasaur which is a snake-like lizard can move on land and sneak up on people on the platform.

On the platform there is also a research team that will evaluate any possible impact on the arctic environment. Only a few people are left on the platform as a big storm has been predicted by the meteorologists.
The research team is lead by a young beautiful female geologist who applied for the job because her biological father works on the platform. He does not know that he is her father and she wants to get to know him first before informing him. Once on the platform, she falls in love with one of the workers and the feelings are mutual.

The woman's controlling boyfriend has also taken a job on the platform as an engineer. In the beginning he quarrels with the woman, threaten the man and does everything to separate the two. This only leads to her breaking up with him. At first he refuses accept this, but one evening he sees them kissing under a full moon and after the man leaves he confrots her. She explains to him that she loves the new man and that she is never going to back to him. He says something about it's time for him to leave them alone and go away forever. In a corridor, he meets the woman's biological father. Drunk and emotionally upset as he is, he tells him the truth about why the woman is there. After this the ex boyfriend goes out on one of the foundations of the platform and sits down, looking out over the sea with a wine bottle in his hand. The sea serpent which has climbed up and wrapped itself around the foundation sees him where he sits and eats him. Given what happened earlier everybody assumes that he has committed suicide.

More people begin to disappear from the platform and initially, no one knows what happens. Everyone thinks it's the storm that has killed them, or that they left with one of the helicopters that evacuated the platform. People continues to die however and the research team eventually figures out what is going on. Among other things due to a tooth that the animal has left behind.

Since the radio was broken in the storm, they can not call for help. For that reason, the people that are left on the gas extraction plant have to solve the problem themselves. They have some rifles, but these are not powerful enough to kill the huge animal. Instead, they come up with a plan to kill the animal by luring it into a large space in the platform, trapping it there by closing all the doors and then blow up the whole station by setting fire to the gas. They manage to lure the animal into the space by emptying all freezers of fish and letting them melt so that they smell.

At first the plan seems to work, but the animal suspects mischief and stops. The father then risks his own life by running out, waving his arms and thus attracts the beast. Then he opens a valve and puts fire to the platform. Everyone believes that the father will die but just as they are getting into the boat, he shows up and asks, is it me you crying for, or something similar. Instead of setting fire to the gas with a torch, he has used an electronic fuse with a few minutes delay. The platform explodes and they leave in the boat. - THE END.

(A sequel nr 1 is possible because some reptiles can reproduce without a partner, so the animal can have given birth earlier, however only females can be born this way. Sequel nr 2 is possible, either because some reptiles can change sex, or because another mossasaur has melted)

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