Creator: R. Hunter Gough
Age rating: 13 and older
The only thing worse than middle school is being hunted by an interdimensional serial killer who's murdering different versions of you. When Abigail has to contend with both simultaneously, she learns to stand up for herself, and herself, and herself...
Synopsis: Abigail is an average 11-year-old girl, trying to make it through the hell of middle school while also being plagued by recurring nightmares of mad scientists who want her eyes and a monster who wants her dead. When she starts to see ghostly "other versions" of herself while she's awake, she begins to realize that her nightmares are actually glimpses into other realities, and something is shuffling between dimensions, systematically killing every "Abigail" it comes across. As the monster approaches and reality breaks down, the boundaries between worlds begin to blur, strange furniture begins to appear in her parents' house, and Abigail gets a clearer view of the "other Abigails" and the monster that's hunting them. Just before the monster arrives, Abigail realizes that her best chance is to join forces with all of the other remaining Abigails, combining themselves into one body strong enough to face the monster.

Meanwhile, Harry and Lucy, the kind elderly couple who live next door to Abigail, have discovered that distilled vitreous humor can be used to see beyond reality, and have been murdering people to harvest the vitreous humor from their eyes. Harry and Lucy kidnap Abigail to harvest her vitreous humor which they've noticed has grown stronger since she "converged" with the other Abigails, and just after they harvest it the monster bursts into their reality. The monster reveals itself to be a version of Harry who discovered the ability to see through dimensions, and subsequently went on a pan-dimensional rampage, killing other versions of Harry and growing stronger in the process, and killing the Abigails who invariably got in his way.

Due to the power gained by converging with her other selves, Abigail is able to recover quickly and attacks the monster to put an end to its rampage, battling it across a spectacular array of strange dimensions. Armed with an otherworldly gun given to her by one of her other selves, Abigail manages to drive the monster all the way back to the alien swamp where he first learned to travel across dimensions, and after a tense battle that strips away the last of the other Abigails she had converged with, she is finally able to destroy the monster and the machine the monster had used to tear through realities.

Two weeks later, recovered from her ordeal, Abigail discovers that once you've battled an interdimensional serial killer across a dozen realities and won, middle school isn't really as hard as it seemed before.

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