Armageddon coming

Creator: Fredrik Payedar
Age rating: 13 and older
The year is 2036 and the world has become a dark and haunted place. 20 years ago the Americans tried to open up a wormhole to Mars in order to exploit natural resources there. Instead they have opened up a gate to hell. An expedition is sent to close down the wormhole
Synopsis: Age of apocalypse(please see the story board, it contains the full movie idea presented in a movie like way)

20 years ago the us government tried to open up a wormhole to another planet. The purpose for this was to extract nutritious from mars which would increase the yield for farmers. This would give the united states both a well needed export revenue, solve the problem with world starvation and give the US an important political leverage against other nations.

The experiment goes horribly wrong and instead of opening a wormhole to mars they have created a portal to the dark dimensions.

It is now 2036 and the world has grown to become a dark and haunted place. Volcanoes have erupted every where and poisoned fumes are clouding the sun. Fire dragons hide in the clouds and strike at you from nowhere. The shadows are inhabited by ghosts, demons and all the creatures that normally dwell in hell.

A few highly militarized cities of man has survived and evolved into heavily fortified city states. These get their energy from nuclear power plants and produce synthetic fuels. They grow their food in factories, in the same way bacterias used to be grown in laboratories. The result of this is a sort of porridge to which they ad chemically fabricated vitamins and flavors. Only the very rich can afford foods, cloth and other items that are made naturally with materials like wool, silk or wood.

Despite the awesome power of modern weapons the city states are finding it increasingly difficult to defend themselves. The reason for this is that Satan has sent a particularly powerful demon ''Ashtarte'' to earth with the mission to destroy man kind.

A meeting is therefore called between all the city states in order to solve the problem. In this meeting a man steps forward who claims he was a member of the science team that caused the problem to begin with. He sais that he can help fix problem however by shutting down the portal and then blow the compond up with a nuclear bomb.

An expedition is put together to deliver the scientist to the right place and make sure that everything goes accord to plan. The team consists of a psychic and a priest to warn them of evil ghosts, demons, evil spirits and the like and defeat them. There are also three elite soldiers of which two have been trained to take over the scientists role if he dies and a so called waste ranger to guide them.

The quest sets of from Washington DC with the end goal of central LA, which is now an abandoned city. They have to travel via land because of violent weather and the constant occurrence of ash clouds. Between them and their destination there are all the creatures earlier mentioned but also human tribes run by warlords, warlocks and magicians. These tribes survive by hunting and eating other humans and are often working for different demons whom they worships as gods. To make things worse Ashtarte has spies in the cities and she has thus found out about the expedition...

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