Sisters 3 - The Journey Begins

Creator: Robin Turner
Age rating: 13 and older
4 high school teens, hunt treasure, battle local demons, and an ancient witch, go to hell, only to find out that Lucifer is a young female, with a crush on one of the heros, and she is Gods daughter.
Synopsis: Think, The Goonies meet Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Drag Me to Hell. This script is based on the haunting of the old Christiansburg High School in Virginia by the "3 Sisters in Black." So called, because of their unusual habit of dressing in all Black, Mourning Clothes, and black veils, all of the time. There were many stories about the sisters when they ran the "College for Young Women" (1905-08), on the site that the high school eventually occupied. They were eventually arrested for the murder of the daughter of one of the sisters, possibly by her own mother in 1909.

This story is based on the things that made us afraid to be in the school, late at night. Sometimes. . .even during the day. I started writing the book, Sisters 3, in 1970. It went into a box and I toyed with it over the years before finally finishing it in 2011, along with book II, "A Daughters Revenge." Then, Amazon Studio came along, and, well. Here we are. I have had to make the book into two scripts.

To sum it up:

Aprehension. New school. Junior High. Fourteen. First love. Meets weird kid. Becomes best friends. Love on. Love off. Already killed creatures of the night. Is told about the three sisters. Investigates. Friend disappears. Discovers ex-girlfriend is a real witch. Seeks to free a trapped soul and find treasure. Encounter with a bad witch. Makes deal with same. Goes to hell. Takes friends and girlfriend with him. Travels through the Nine Gates. Solves riddles and over comes odds in the process. Demons, Lycans, Vampires and even, Lilith. Meets and befriends a Wizard, and a Fairy. Fairy has a secrete. Gets a small Dragon for a pet. Wizard is killed. Scurvy types. Skeletons. Magic. Battle of wits with Lucifer. Love. Secretely, she wants him. Battles with Lucifer and her demons over the amulet and the vial with the stolen soul. Intervention comes from Lucifer’s brother, Michael. Finds the way home. Carrys out Wizards final wish. Buries Wizard. Wizard is resurrected, stronger. Bad witch comes for her payment. All looks lost. Bad witch sees her father (Wizard), has been returned from hell where she sent him. He then sends her there. All is right with the world. . .

But! Michael returns the amulet to their father (guess who). Is told to watch over Robin, and his friends. Told to watch Connie, because, "Never have the three; been as one!" Connie’s fate is sealed. A new chapter begins. . .

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  • Script 1 - Robin's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Wrote the book first knowing that I wanted to make it into a movie. Had to make it into two scripts. The second one I hope to have for the Aug, contest. Of course, every movie, starts with a script. Now that I have the script, I want to do a table read and then an animated movie of it, and hopefully finish off with a live action version.