Touching Blue

Creator: Scott Mullen
Age rating: 13 and older
A teenage girl with psychic power must stop a mysterious killer who is targeting people just like her.
Synopsis: BLUE is a "screamer", feeling pain whenever she is touched. Like most screamers, Blue also has a paranormal ability; in her case, she can hold an item, and feel where the person who held it last is. Blue is currently plying her trade for the FBI.

Blue grew up in an Institute for people like her, and isn't happy when Graham, the head of the Institute, requisitions her and some of the other screamers to help hunt down a serial killer. But when Blue is reunited with her lost love, she starts to unravel the secrets of who she is and what is happening.
Amazon Studios producer

Noted producer Denise Di Novi (Crazy, Stupid, Love., The Nightmare Before Christmas) has been attached to this project. Learn more.

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