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Creator: Michael Dussing
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Age rating: 17 and older
A eccentric man in his early 20's comes to a small town and gets a job as the local ice cream man, while at the same time the family he stays with deals with the death of their daughter.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Ed is an eccentric young man with a mysterious past, after seemingly coming out of nowhere he gets a job as an ice cream truck driver in a small town. After sleeping in the park Ed realizes he needs a residence which he finds in the garage of Donald and Miriam Martin. While Ed is staying his first night at his new apartment he meets Elise and Ethan, Elise being Don and Miriam's daughter and Ethan being her wannabe boyfriend and coke dealer, who her parents despise. Elise attempts to sneak in and have her 'friend' Ethan sleep over while he constantly hits on her, until she freaks out seeing Ed lying in the bed, waking up her parents. After Ethan bolts Ed mentions that the reason she was there was because she lost her key and not what her parents thought which was having Ethan over. Ed goes on with his new life as the Ice cream man showing insight into things that ice cream men rarely have. Miriam encourages her daughter to give Ed a chance as a friend. While discussing how many pizza bagels should be microwaved at once she begins to like him, at the same time she swears off Ethan and her previous drug doing ways.

The next day Elise goes to summer school, where she failed english but while there her teacher has instead signed her up to be a teacher's assistant at the local elementary school claiming it was wasn't english she had to learn but discipline. When Elise gets home to share her news about being a teacher's assistant, she learns of the untimely death of her sister, who years earlier at the age of 21 ran away. During this time Elise and Ed get closer becuase of their shared schedules with children, Ed parking his truck outside the school at the end of the day, and because of Elise's parents preoccupation with their grief. After spending a lot of time together Elise falls for Ed's quirky ways and begins to ask questions about his life to Ed's displeasure saying to himself that he has 'gotten too close.' Elise's prying ways meet a head when one of her students wants to use Ed as a focal point of a project that stipulates someone's story of how they became who they are today. After initially refusing Ed returns to the boy and tells him his story which dictates that his parents controlled his life, and that he was in a relationship with Ellen, the Martin's now deceased daughter. Her death caused him to abandon his life at college, his parents controlling ways and his overall attitude towards everything. He came to Ellen's home town to in a way be close to her again, but in meeting her sister saw a similar person to the girl he lived and in his own words got 'too close.'

While his past is revealed to Elise as the boy's presentation in class, Ed is savagely beaten by Ethan and his friends. Ed wakes up in the hospital feeling better not just from the beating but knowing that his new friend Elise knows about his past and accepts it, and as he wakes up he decides to start his life anew.

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  • Script 2 - Michael's 2nd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    I changed the format after looking at some scripts on here, I also added detail, and changed some dialogue. Mostly very small changes, and now I can get on with finishing one of my other scripts.

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