"Trouble in the Castle"

Creator: Michael San
Age rating: Everyone
Silent Night, Mischief Night... On Christmas Eve, an unjustly “naughty-listed” boy secretly joins five nice children invited to Santa’s Castle, and saves it from "The Deadly Sinners", a gang of seven made-over Halloween monsters.
Synopsis: “Trouble in the Castle” can be described as “Tom Sawyer pulls a "Die Hard" at Santa’s Castle”.

And the comical story goes:

To revive his faltering popularity with children, who find his Xmas gifts out-of-date and pedestrian and who prefer Halloween fun, a vainglorious Santa Claus returns from a four-year sabbatical, and takes over Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to announce:

a, The Xmas Eve opening of his flagship toy store in New York, selling cool new toys of the “Santa” brand for charity, and  

b, The invitations of five “super-nice” kids from New York to a guided tour and slumber party at Castle Santa at the North Pole.

Ominously, Santa’s publicity stunt offends one mysterious Master Grimm of the “Deadly Sinners”, (a familiar yet made-over Halloween gang of monsters) who decides to sabotage Santa’s Xmas Eve ‘comeback’ plans.

Meanwhile, in his new school in New York, Oscar Truffle, a fatherless 9-year-old boy dubbed "Ho Lotta Trouble" for his past mischief, is bullied by two classmates into climbing a tree to retrieve his yo-yo snatched and thrown to a bird nest.

Oscar’s ‘naughty’ act is inadvertently caught by one Mr. Nicholas, his school’s new benefactor who is also Santa Claus-in-disguise, who subsequently places Oscar on the Naughty List. Worse still, Santa selects Oscar’s chief bully, Fred Ace, the school principal’s alpha son, as the fifth and last “super-nice” kid invited to his North Pole castle!

Oscar recognizes Mr. Nicholas as Santa on TV, and resolves to redress the injustice in a letter he plans to give to Santa in person.

On Xmas Eve, while his single mother works overnight catering to the party crowds at a bar & restaurant, Oscar bikes to Santa’s super-toy store’s grand opening, seizes a sudden opportunity to sneak inside, hides inside a magical gift bag which has him mini-sized and transported onto Santa’s rocket sleigh-coach, and gets taken along with five invited “super-nice” children to Castle Santa at the North Pole!  
In the enchanted castle, a mini-sized Oscar disguises as an elf, conducts a quick self-guide tour while the guests are having dinner, and later, while looking for leftover party food, stumbles upon “The Deadly Sinners”, an outrageous gang of seven made-over Halloween monsters, who break in disguised as Santa's Eskimo dinner guests, then hold Santa, his elves and guests captive for ransom, and cook Santa’s Thanksgiving turkey pet for dinner;   

“The Deadly Sinners” are: Lustful Count Dracula, Frankenstein the Prideful Zombie, the Slothful Mummy, the Wrathful Wolfman, the Envious Witch, the Gluttonous Troll, the Spooky Skeleton, their wannabe new member, and operating from his secret lair, their boss the Greedy Master Grimm (Reaper).

Now, aided only by homely Madame Claus and her itchy dog, Oscar overcomes his initial fear, then gamely studies and deploys Santa’s old-school magic and newfangled toys against the unsuspecting ghouls, targets their well-known weaknesses, trying to out-spook the spooks, and unravels their conspiracy... 

After some surprising twists and turns and dramatic reversals, Oscar and his newfound friends defeat the “Deadly Sinners” and save Christmas as well as Santa’s reputation.

And for his rewards, Oscar becomes Santa’s new apprentice while his single mother wins a new job performing at Castle Santa’s Toys.

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Michael San

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    Creative Notes:
    I think “Trouble in the Castle” will appeal to worldwide family audiences with its creative tapping into children’s universal desires and fears and its fun parodies of popular festival traditions.