Building a nation

Creator: Fredrik Payedar
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Age rating: Everyone
A jewish man from New york ''Aaron'' watches a news report about another bloody day in Israel. He then sees an ad about a man made island in the coast of Dubai. He thus comes up with the idea to build a large man made island for the Jewish people.
Synopsis: Building a nation (please see the story board, it contains the full movie idea presented in a movie like way)
A jewish man from New York ''Aaron'' watches a news report about another bloody day in Israel. He then sees an ad about a man made island in the coast of dubai. He thus comes up with the idea to build a large man made island for the Jewish people. A place were his people can live in peace and safety, celebrating their ancient culture, without having it sullied with constant bloodshed. This new country will be called Judah after the historical state that used to co- exist with Israel in what is today southern Israel and parts of Jordania. Their flag will be similar to that of Israel but with a menorah instead of the star of david in the middle.

He soon realizes that he will never get enough money though, but he figures that he may be able to live well at managing the money, then in a hundred years, or so maybe the whole thing will become reality.
He is well educated, with a master's degree in business economics, but he's stuck in a boring and stressful job at an accounting agency, with a boss who will never let him become certified accountant. The boss i also the kind of person who makes his staff work 10- 12 hours a day and makes racist, sexist and other jokes in bad taste.

Aaron is handsome, a great talker and manages to gather large sums of money. He also gets help from many Jewish media profiles. He has even more success than he had thought. It all turns into one big circus with celebrity parties, fundraisers and appearances in television shows.

At a fundraiser, he meets a beautiful female lawyer who is passionate about his cause. Time passes and he falls more and more in love with her.

One day, he realizes that the project can be carried out during his lifetime and he starts to go for it seriously. The more successful his project becomes, the more enemies he gets. The white power movement, anti semits, Israelite zealot fanatics. The list goes on of idiots who hate him.

In the beginning it's mostly about slander and nasty talk. Soon it degenerates into threats and lesser harassments. A benevolent multi-billionaire dies and donates most of his fortune to the project. Suddenly Aaron has the funds to build the island.

When his enemies realize that the project will become real, the harassments escalate and he survives several assassination attempts.

A Hate campaign against him is launched both in television, newspapers and social media. Uncomfortable truths are exaggerated and mixed with outright lies about pedophilia and anything else they can think of.
Outside his house a constant herd of journalists camps. He can't even go and buy milk without bumping into some or other hater or journalist.

Finally, they manage to produce evidence of a lesser crime he previously has done. He sold fake rolex and Breitling watches when he was a student which amounts to violation of the copyright law. Allegations that the island project was a scam are therefore broth forth. For this reason, the entire island projects accountings are to be reviewed.

He has not cheated, but the sheer amount of paper work before he hired an accounting firm was so great that he has made ​​some mistakes. Maybe too many. Aaron risks decades of imprisonment if he is convicted.
In the middle of all this, the woman he love finds another man. Being dumped was the last straw for him and he comes up with a cunning plan.

He will fake his own suicide and disappear to another country. First he withdraws all the money he has, takes loans, maxes his credit cards by buying expensive jewelry from pawn shops and so on. An old friend of his has already arranged with fake passport and id.

He then goes to las vegas and blows some of the money. He makes sure that he is seen publicly. After this he throws his hat and one of his shoes from a bridge in the middle of the night. A friend drives him to the coast where a well equipped sailing boat that he bought from the same friend is waiting. Our hero now sails of into the sunset. Maybe he will go to thailand and run a bar. Maybe he will go to Africa and look for diamonds. He has many ideas, but he does't really know. The most important thing though is that he is free.

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    Creative Notes:
    This movie is not necessarily meant as a criticism against Israel. The point is rather to how much we humans could achieve, if we used the amount of resources we allocate to killing each other, for something intelligent. The idea of building an island for the Jewish people is also in itself kinda cool. This might sound pretentious, but I meant it as a sort of comedy with a serious meaning.
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