"Beyond A Shadow"

Creator: al taylor
Age rating: 17 and older
Intellectual over-achiever Derrick Soloman has discovered the power of the God Particle, a creation that allows him to infiltrate the lives of others. This fast paced story of betrayal, friendship and love shows just how far one man will go to achieve true happiness.

Synopsis: From the ashes of a torturous childhood, Derrick Soloman has risen. Derrick has lost everything that he has ever cared about, with one exception, his lifelong love Hyasyn "Syn" Ashmore. His brilliance can not be understated. It has landed him at the head of the class at a prestigious physics institute although it has yet to win him the heart of his dear Syn. In school Derrick uses his resources and his knowledge of the God Particle to create a machine. This machine allows him to wander as an independent shadow and if crossed with another human shadow he becomes a clone of that person. This idea does come with a hitch, He must murder his victim to live on as them.

From victim to victim Derrick lives out fantasies. The high roller, the business executive, the jock, the ladies man, anyone that has a lifestyle that Derrick has not been afforded. With a trail of blood left in his wake, Derrick continues to retreat to his own life as he becomes obsessed with winning Syn's heart. This machine becomes less about fantasy as he begins to use it to bring him and Syn closer together.

With a complete lack of forensic evidence that could lead them to Derrick, two detectives fumble through investigations trying to solve this puzzle. Derrick leads them into a trap that would surely allow him both his freedom and the love of his life.

Can Derrick escape or has he forgotten one meticulous detail that could send his entire world spiraling out of control?

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - al's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This began as a straight thriller but as it evolved it became, more than anything, a love story. The story focuses on the attacker's life and even though you hate yourself for it, you'll begin rooting for him as he pursues his one true love.