Cat Demon

Creator: Gareth Stevens
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: Everyone
In Washington DC there is a legend about a demon cat, that is seen whenever a catastrophe is about to happen. The cat is seen again and a FBI agent that is assigned to the paranormal takes it upon him to find out what it wants. This leads him down a path he had not foreseen.
Synopsis: Agent Wolf Builder is an under performing disillusioned FBI agent in his mid 30' ies. He is stuck in a unimportant department that investigates the paranormal. He doesn't particularly believe in his work, nor does he achieve much. Infact he is an uninspired drunk and he only applied for the position because he knew he wouldn't be asked to solve to many cases.

When the papers report that the so called ''demon cat'' is seen by several people in Washington, he first thinks nothing of it for this reason.

His supervisor however, is like most managers slightly retarded, so he insists that agent Builder investigate the phenomenon. Not understanding that he was given his responsibilities because he's as talented as an under performing oyster, he insists that agent builder and his colleague Dr Lana Dolly look into every childrens tale that the local village idiots cook up in the pub. He is thus a constant thorn in their eye.

Dr Dolly comes from some undisclosed part of the former Soviet Union. Her secret is that she is not a doctor in medicine, but in the history of communism. When she first came to America she didn't speak very good English and some minor misinterpretations led to her currant employment.

In the beginning the two agents treat this case with their normal lack of enthusiasm. As the weeks go by they do nonetheless manage to visit most of the sites where the ''demon cat'' has been spotted, mostly though because it gives them an excuse to try out new restaurants on their working hours.

Unlike most of the people who dwell in cities, the pair are fortunately not suffering from a severe case of stupidity. They therefore soon figure out the real reason why for so many claims to have seen paranormal phenomenon have been made in the last few months= somebody is manufacturing LCD.

The normal procedure in these circumstances would be to report this to the DEA. Our heroes are however struck with an unusual feeling of entrepreneurship, so they decide to pursue the matter themselves. They are not after promotions, increased salaries or even a chance to work in a serious department. The reason for their sudden zeal is that they realise that if they solve this case on their own, it would make their department look good and they will be able to hang on to their do nothing, jobs hopefully till pension.

The witnesses that they have interviewed all point them to an abandoned factory somewhere in the poor part of town.

They dress up like dope heads, arm themselves with hidden cameras and head for the factory. Once there they pretend to be customers and look around. Peeking through a window they see something they had not expected. A high ranking FBI officer is there talking to a nasty looking character. They know the officer from FBI's yearly christmas party where agent Builder had taken enlarged pictures of his own penis and handed out to the secretaries. The officer now in the factory dealt with the matter by threatening to fire Builder unless he collected all of the copies and apologised to everybody he had offended. The crime was well worth the punishment however, considering that agent Builder got laid several times because of it.

For a short moment agent builder ponders on if he owes the officer enough to drop the whole matter. He then remembers that the same officer is trying to close down the paranormal department in order to rationalise and save money. After some serious thought he therefore decides that the officer must be sacrificed. The easiest way to do this would be to show their hidden camera films to their supervisor, but unfortunately he has gone to Halki dicki on vacation for the next few weeks and cannot be reached. The person above him in the hierarchy, is the officer in the factory and the person yet above him is also in Haliki diki, being pov fucked by their supervisor.( Yes it's a mystery how 9/11 could happen). The only option left is thus for the agents Builder and Dolly to deal with the situation themselves.

This movie is about how a pair of the most unlikely FBI agents set out to bring down a criminal conspiracy that will shake America and can there be some truth about the legend of that cat...

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