Zoo Scouts

Age rating: Everyone
When you’re the underdogs sometimes it takes standing together to come out on top when everyone counted you out. As long as you believe in yourself you can accomplish amazing things.
Synopsis: The Zoo Scouts have a long history of representing all the animals at Zoos across the country. All the animals started their lifelong friends at the Zoo Scouts. Now that all the children have grown up and become parents it is time for their children to follow in their footsteps keeping the traditions alive.
The parents of the current Zoo Scouts take pride in sending their children to the Zoo Scout Jamboree. They see reflections of themselves in the smiling faces of their children with pride watching them following in their hoof prints and becoming the Zoo Scouts of tomorrow.
Sammy the Snake, Mary the Mole, Ginger the Gopher and all the other children in the Los Angeles Regional Area Troop are excited that they might finally get to go to the Zoo Scout Jamboree. The other troops think that the Los Angeles Regional Area Troop are going to be a challenge but sometimes you never know what someone is capable of when they work together. They may not be the fastest or the strongest team but they have heart.
Not all the children became lifelong friends and now Mr. Mortimer the Crab, Johnny the Jackal, Harry the Hyena, and Vinnie the Vulture have a plan of revenge for how they were treated as children. Being the outcasts with the Zoo Scouts created a lifelong grudge that was about to be settled.
Once a year all the Zoo Scout Troops from all over the country join together for the Zoo Scout Jamboree to celebrate, compete, and make great memories. The troops look forward all year to seeing their friends from other Zoo Scout Troops and proving that they are the best.
The Santa Barbara Zoo Scouts are the hipster scouts of the events who compete against the New York Zoo Scouts with their major theatrical presentation planned. Then the Philadelphia Zoo Scouts the tougher street troop have some big plans. Then there’s the Sea Scouts, the Bird Scouts and of course the Los Angeles Regional Area Troop or as they are known as the L.A. R.A.T.S, the kind of nerdy, outcast group who have big plans for themselves.
When the L.A. R.A.T.S. get permission to attend the big Zoo Scout Jamboree they can’t contain themselves until they overhear a plot to capture all the Zoo Scouts and put them in a private Zoo. They turn to their Zoo Scout Leader, Mr. Tusk who tells them they need to work together and they can solve any problem. When no one believes the L.A. R.A.T.S. they decide to take matters into their own paws to stop the plot when they decide they have to work together.
When they try to enlist the help of their parents without luck they strike out on their own trying to solicit the assistance from the Bison Gang. The other Zoo Scout Troops are suspicious of what they hear and figure maybe it is just a tactic to undermine them from winning.
In the meantime Mr. Mortimer the Crab, and his henchmen Johnny the Jackal, Harry the Hyena and Vinnie the Vulture are making all the preparations for their big plan. They have a hidden agenda on why they want to capture all the Zoo Scouts and only the L.A. R.A.T.S. can figure out how to stop them.
All the other Zoo Scout Troops are preparing for the Zoo Scout Jamboree without knowing about the unfolding events. Can the underdogs save the day and prove to everyone that they are Zoo Scouts or will they end up in a cage?

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