Creator: Zak Sharif
Genre: Drama
Age rating: 13 and older
A young man living with a drug addiction and alcoholic father realizes he must get his life together not just for his sake, but for his mother and young brother as well.
Synopsis: Malcolm Davis sees his life as a mix of drugs, parties every weekend, hanging with his burnout friends, and protecting his brother and mother from an alcoholic father. All is going well until his high school gives him an ultimatum: get clean and attend counseling, or end up in juvenile hall. Malcolm picks the choice that changes his life completely.
By attending these counseling sessions and seeing his father's worsening abuse, Malcolm begins to see there's more to worry about in life than where the next party is at, and he begins to see that there's more inside of him than what everyone else in his life has always told him. He realizes that it's not just enough to look out for his little brother Eric like he always has. Malcolm will have to take a stand.
Malcolm first gets clean off of his Oxycontin addiction and gets his grades together. He stops going to parties and starts focusing on his schoolwork. He gains courage from the group counseling sessions and confronts his mother about his father's addiction. Her reaction is not what Malcolm wants, but everything he expects. But Malcolm keeps pushing through it all, until everything comes to a head and Malcolm can't keep everything on his back at once, and he collapses under pressure.
But everyone needs a second chance, and for some people a third or fourth, and by the end of the story, Malcolm has found that life can be quite spectacular when you look at the brighter side.

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