for the love of dog

Creator: Chris Gallentine
Age rating: 17 and older
A lonely old man that lives in his old RV finds a stray injured dog. They become travel companions until tragedy strikes and the dog is lost. Again.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Lonely and bored, 64 year old Gary Clover lives in his old rusty RV. One day at a campground in the Pacific Northwest he finds a stray injured Border Collie he names Bud.
Gary and Bud travel together meeting new people and seeing new places until one fateful day when they encounter a few bad men. Gary wakes up in a hospital but nobody knows what happened to Bud.

Latest Work

  • Script 3 - Chris's 3rd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    The second revision still had some formatting problems but this 3rd revision has no problems. It's the best to read in RTF but I would suggest you still read the PDF version.
    Oops, forgot to upload the PDF version until now. It's up.

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