Capacity To Kill

Age rating: 13 and older
A female Sheriff of a small Arizona mining town joins forces with an over-the-hill FBI agent to solve a series of suicides assisted by a man known only as Suicide Jack.
Synopsis: TRACY HOPE is the sheriff of a small Arizona town. She has her share of problems. Since the Somoto Mining Company closed three years ago the town has been slowly dying. The shops are closing and the people are leaving. In addition to taking care of this frail community, she is the single mother to an imaginative young boy who was paralyzed from the waist down years before in a terrible auto accident. Tracy's brother WILLIAM blames himself for the accident and has struggled to deal with it ever since.

Now she has come across a new problem. She discovers the body of a young man who died of an apparent self inflicted gunshot wound to the head. FBI Special Agent CAMERON STYLES comes to town to investigate the suicide and brings with him stories of a series of suicides apparently assisted by a man known only as SUICIDE JACK.

Apparently Jack goes from town to town helping people carry out their suicidal tendencies in fantastic ways as a member of a group called the Suicide Club. A hanging here, a poisoning here, he helps the suicidal person to "go out in style". Walking the fine line between suicide and murder, Agent Styles comes to town on a manhunt.

Jack is a man with a secret. A secret identity and a secret life with a secret agenda. Jack is on a crusade. A crusade started one night many years before when an incredibly kindhearted suicide councilor broke the rules and entered an apartment to save the life of a suicidal teenager. As she cut the teenager down from a homemade hangman's noose, she toppled to the ground and fell on the knife she was using. She died that night and Jack has been fighting to save people from themselves ever since.

He travels from town to town saving people from suicide one by one in his aggressive madman style. Now he has set his sights on William. William, just coming from a Behavioral Health Center days before goes onto the roof of the dilapidated Copper Ore Processing Plant to end his life once and for all. Jack finds him there and focuses his full attention on saving William by making him realize what is really important to him. Hope.

Sheriff Hope and Agent Styles arrive to the plant and race upstairs. Just before they open the door to the roof, Styles reveals himself to be the villain he truly is. She fights valiantly but is thrown over the railing to concrete floor below. Agent Styles throws open the door to face the man he has been searching for, the man who killed his wife, an incredibly kindhearted suicide councilor, years before.

Agent Styles has been following Jack's trail, finding the people Jack's saved one by one. In a fit of revenge, Styles has systematically killed every one of them in an effort to implicate Jack in the killings. After all, in Style's mind these people are already dead inside, walking corpses just waiting for death to take them away. To him, the suicidal person is a worthless shell inflicting pain on the people that love them.

Just as Style's raises his gun to shoot Jack, the door swings open to reveal a bloody and broken Tracy who comes to the rescue. Styles falls to his death leaving Tracy, Jack and William to pick up the pieces of their broken lives.

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