Creator: J W
Age rating: Everyone
Before there were vampires, there were half-lives.
Synopsis: Years ago, Nindun Aco's wife, Aurelia, became a Half-Life, dying at each sunrise and living again at sunset.

She only had a full life when she became pregnant with her son, Traylan, who was born with yellow eyes and skin that burns in the sunlight.

Now 17, Traylan spends his nights exploring the nearby woods and trying to stave off loneliness.

During one of his outings, his finds and rescues Wen, who had been missing for days. Traylan and Wen begin a fragile friendship which blossoms into love.

Traylan befriends fellow Half-Life, Aleian Soter. Through his friendship with Aleian, Traylan learns more of his origins and powers.

All is well until Traylan discovers that Aleian has found a way to be in the sunlight, but it requires Wen's life.

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