Beth's Bamboozles

Creator: Keith Makenas
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 13 and older
A recently deceased husband left his mistress money but not his wife, the widow will try to get her money from other dying men.
Synopsis: Beth cared more about her laptop than her rich, cheating husband. When his life is cut short, all his money goes to long lost family members and his mistress. Irate about being left out in the cold Beth revolts against all men.

Beth is propositioned by a group that marries terminally ill people for their money and uses the money to finance surgeries for sick children. Her first assignment is Jeff, a slacker construction worker dying of a brain disease. Her job is to marry him and get him to sign a million dollar life insurance policy. Beth has her work cut out for her because Jeff never wants to get married. She bends over backwards and jumps through hoops to get him to propose.
After they get married Jeff exposes her to his fun blue collar world, which is a culture shock to her trendy yuppie ways. She falls in love with him and she wants to make Jeff’s final days the best days of his life.

Shortly after getting married, Jeff’s doctor tells him the end is near. The doctor also questions the approval of Jeff’s life insurance policy. With limited time left, Jeff begins to question his marriage and investigate Beth.

After he discovers the truth why Beth married him, he won’t give her the satisfaction of a divorce. Instead his revenge is to spend money like there’s no tomorrow so the insurance money would solely go to paying off the dept he creates.

During Jeff’s spending spree Beth discovers a cure and must travel to a small Haitian town to obtain it. Her determination to find a cure convinces Jeff that she truly loves him. After the experimental procedure he is cured and they look forward to a long life together.

Except due to Jeff’s spending spree all their belongings are repossessed. They also discover that the leader of Beth’s group does not finance children’s surgeries yet keeps the money himself. Beth and Jeff’s final goal is to embezzle money from the leader and put him out of business.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Keith's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Originally started as a drama, but the more I wrote I realized the characters were a bit crazy and rewrote it to a comedy with some slapstick.