One Last Big Score

Creator: Boe DuRansier
Age rating: 13 and older
An amateur thief gets in over his heads when he agrees to steal a priceless artifact for a bloodthirsty mobster. The young man enlists the aid of his estranged older brother, a notorious con man, to assist in the heist.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: JT and Brandi just want a little excitement, and a lot of money, to help spice up their working class lives. When JT happens across the location of a rare antiquity, one that would fetch an ample reward from a local crime boss named Grüner, he sees it as his ticket into the big leagues. However, he doesn’t have all of the necessary skills to pull the job by himself, so he has to try to smooth talk his older brother, Van – A professional thief and grifter – Into coming along for the ride.

Together with a band of misfits that includes a junk food addicted hacker, a retired jewel thief, and a foul-mouthed runaway, Van orchestrates a seemingly impossible heist. One where failing or succeeding could end in death – And no one can really be trusted.

When the caper goes terribly wrong, and JT is put in mortal danger, Van has to reinvent the rules of the game to save his brother’s life.

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