The Unforgiving

Creator: Angelina
Age rating: Everyone
Sometimes the dead just want revenge and nothing will stand in their way.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: The Patrelli family unknowingly moves into a new home that is occupied by two spirits. Their seven year old daughter Alese befriends the youngest spirit. Alese soon finds out the spirits are far from friendly when they start haunting her older brother Kire’. Kire’s life is flipped upside down, when unexplained incidents starts to happen around him, causing a riff between him and his adoptive father. Kire’ believes the new house is haunted, but what he comes to find out alarms him.

The duel ghost entourage is out for justice and they spell that D.E.A.D. The spirits place Mr. Patrelli in a coma, along with his daughter Alese. The spirits force the mother to make the decision of her life. Her son’s life in exchange for the life of her daughter’s. Angela has made a decision, but what she finds out might change her mind. Unfortunately, the two spirit sisters will allow no one to stand in their way, until their target is punished for their deaths.

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