Leopard Woman

Creator: Philip Begho
Age rating: 13 and older
Princess Uyi is gifted with powers that make it possible for her to be transformed into a leopard. But what she finds more useful is her ability to raise a terrifying army of leopards which help her rescue Prince Uno, the love of her life, from the tyranny of man and oracle.
Synopsis: A man-eating leopard ventures into the women’s quarters of the palace of Oba Osagie, King of ancient Benin. The brute attacks six-year-old Uyi, daughter of the king. But to everyone’s amazement, Uyi is able to reduce the savage beast to no more than a docile kitten.
Ten years later, King Osagie, who has expansionist ambitions, is informed that the target of his malevolent plots – King Akwawa of the break-away kingdom of Enene – can only be destroyed by a leopard. Osagie doesn’t have to look too far for this leopard, for Uyi who can charm leopards can also be transformed into a leopard.
Osagie sets the process in motion and his daughter, morphed into a leopard without her knowledge, steals into Akwawa’s palace at night and kills him. With Akwawa gone, Osagie imagines that his way is smooth to reintegrate Enene. But Uno, Akwawa’s son and successor, is not the pushover Osagie thought, and Osagie has a hard time of it.
When Uyi, using her leopard powers, raises a terrifying army of leopards, her father attempts to use the army against Uno. But Uyi loves Uno and has raised the army for the sole purpose of helping him. In the end, Osagie falls prey to his own schemes and is killed. Uyi, the new monarch of Benin, marries King Uno of Enene, and Benin and Enene are naturally integrated – love succeeding where force and wicked scheming failed.

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